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{{AM/Editor|Thangorodrim|3|Massachusetts, Northern CT, NY along I-90|gho=John M|pic=File:Digger_Bigger.gif}}
{{AM/Editor|TYTHESLY|3|Buffalo/Niagara/Niagara Falls, NY|gho=Tyler Malo|pic=File: Avatar Tythesly.png}}
{{AM/Editor|NathanHirschWard|2| Manhattan; South Bronx; Queens (western part & some area around JFK); Westchester County; Putnam, Dutchess, and Columbia Counties along Taconic; & eastern Rensselaer County. Also Southern VT|from Westchester County, NYU student}}
{{AM/Editor|AviTapp|2|Western NY/Buffalo/Niagara Falls|gho=Avi Tapp}}
{{AM/Editor|BCurtisWX|2|Maryland, Drives to Rochester, NY yearly.|gho=bcurtiswx}}