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Area Place size: incorporated more qualifications from DwarfLord
Some area places have a single recognizable structure useful as a visual reference for Wazers as they approach this destination from various directions. These Subject to the constraints on area places discussed elsewhere on this page, the area place can be drawn to approximate the structure's footprint or outline, as long as this provided that the structure has:* a meaningful name that is at least locally well known* a size large enough to show in the mobile application. Examples include [[#Landmarks|landmark]] buildings like the Pentagon, as well as large shopping malls or stadiums/arenas that are constructed as '''single buildings'''.{{clear}}
[[File:Easton.png|right|300px]]Other area places, like university campuses and town-center-style shopping malls (mixed-use developments designed for outdoor pedestrian access), include '''more than one component of interest''', such as multiple buildings, open areas, roads, and parking. In this case, it is often most useful to Wazers to map to the edges of the property. This will usually show the area and its label in the mobile app even when zoomed out.