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For the Waze application to be as useful as possible to drivers, it is important to ensure all fields of information are fully and properly completed.{{clear}}
====City selected====
[[File:CityRename.png|thumb|right]]When a city is selected, the city name is shown in the left pane. If you have permission to edit city names (editors of rank {{Rank|cityrename}} or higher), click on the pencil icon to edit the name, then save. Changing the city name will change the name displayed in every address (primary or alternate) of every segment and every place using that name, without editing any of the segments or places. This is because there is no change to the City ID used on any of these objects, just in the way it is spelled. Because WME does not display the City ID, this can seem a little mysterious. WME will not permit you to save a city name that matches the current spelling of another city name or englishName in the same state.
===Map display area===
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