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Map Editing Quick-start Guide

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==Bridge junction==
# Select two adjacent segments which will be bridged together
# Click the bridge [[Image:Bridge_idle.png]] icon over the junction
* The properties of the segments to be bridged must be identical or you will not see the bridge icon
Two roads set to the same level which cross each other can be joined by an intersection easily. This is useful if you draw several new roads for a neighborhood by drawing segments from end-to-end and allowing new segments to cross each other. Once drawn, you can junction them using this method.
Both roads must be set to the same level. You can often use this method with unconfirmed (red) roads, but sometimes the editor will refuse to do this process until the roads are confirmed. Additionally, changing zoom level sometimes helps to get a the sometimes-stubborn yellow crossing sign junction creator icon to appear.
# [[#Select Multiple Segments|Select both segments]]
# Click the [[Image:crossing_road_add_junctionNode_idle.gifpng]] which should appear above the intersection
#: Note: The sign won't appear if the roads cross each other multiple times
# A junction is added
==Keyboard Shortcuts==
Below are the default keyboard shortcuts. You can customize some keyboard shortcuts by bringing up the keyboard shortcuts help window (with ? key), select a shortcut and then tap the shortcut you want to use instead. This affects the current browser and computer only. This shortcut information is not stored on the server, so you would have to repeat this for each computer and browser you use. * '''?''' (or '''Shift+/''') Shows - shows keyboard shortcuts
* '''d''' - delete node from road geometry while hovering cursor over it during road geometry editing
* '''m''' - toggle multi-select mode. Default behavior is that to select multiple segments, you must use the modifier key to multi-select. When toggled active, multi-select mode lets you select multiple segments without using the modifier key as described in the [[#Selecting_Multiple_Segments|Selecting Multiple Segments]] section.
* '''Shift+u''' toggles Update requests layer
* '''Shift+e''' toggles Editable areas layer
* '''Shift+o''' toggles Other users layer
* '''Shift+UpArrow''' zooms the map in one level
* '''Shift+DownArrow''' zoom the map out one level