Routing server

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The routing algorithm used by the Waze server is not publicly disclosed and the following is based on observation, speculation, and some information revealed by Waze staff. We can assume that the operation of the routing server is considered to be proprietary and a competitive advantage to Waze. We can also assume that it is subject to change, and that any information that has been revealed may be incomplete or out of date.
What has been confirmed is the Waze Map Editor (WME) displays the overall average speed for a segment for each direction of travel through the segment. Also the routing engine uses real-time speeds (from recent Waze app users in front of you when available) and combines the historical speed of the segment broken down into 10-15 minute chunks. Also the time to pass through a segment is tracked separately for each route out of a segment. For example if a segment ends with a left and right turn (no straight let's say), then the routing engine isolates the time through the segment to turn left and the time through the segment to turn right. This detailed speed information is proprietary & is part of the data Waze sells/plans to sell and won't be displayed through the editor.
==Routing requests==