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House Numbers in the Editor

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added clarity to the segment and house number markers
*The red "X" is the delete button.
*The blue dot on the other side is the drag handle
The house number itself should be placed the center of the rooftop of the house. For large buildings such as box stores which have a single address, move this alignment more towards the main pedestrian entrance to the building. For addresses within malls, center the address over the space of the business, just like for a house.
===Setting the Stop Point===
The Stop Point (sometimes referred to as the Segment Marker) is the location on the segment the house number is attached to, at which and this is where the Waze routing navigation destination will endbe set to in the app. This is represented by a white dot with a blue outline attached to the street:
When moving a house number or adding one, you will see a dashed white line leading to a white dot on the road you selected. This white dot is the Stop Point for navigation to that house number. It can be moved anywhere on the named segment for that address. It cannot be moved to any other segment.
The Stop Point should be placed where you would park if you wanted to park closest to the main entrance to the building, driveway, or an entrance to the building parking lot. Think of it this way: "If you can get an end user to this point and tell and have the app announce the correct side of the road, the driver should be able to figure out which building it is."
Note: if you have aerial images turned off, such that the background screen is white, you will not be able to see the dashed line. Because it's white.