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{{NeedImage| Need sample images for "lane drops" and "non-obvious continuations"; also, example of BGS with lane arrows}}
In these cases, we need to use a wayfinder configuration. Each wayfinder configuration will have one "IN" segment and two "OUT" segments.
* OUT segments should be named with the information displayed on the roadway signs.
** However, if this would leave an OUT segment with the same name as the IN segment, the OUT segment name must be modified.
::#Add a control city, if it is known.
::#Remove the compass cardinal from the stub name.
::#Add a space after the stub name.
::#Create a stub in the IN segment just before the junction with no street name.
* Do '''not''' use "to" at the beginning of the name of the continuation segment (the user is already on the road, not going "to" it).
* Each "stub" segment should be {{:Segment length/Minimum}} long. This is long enough so it will not cause routing problems, but it is short enough to suppress names (on Freeway stubs) and keep freeways looking contiguous (on Ramp stubs).