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All other Installations
===All other Installations===
[[File:Gate typesTypes Example.jpgpng|thumb|400px]]If there is more than one entrance or exit, do not use any simple gates. Instead, select from the other types of gates.<!--
[[File:pi_large_gate2.jpg|thumb|400px|Visitor entrance and exit gates.]][[File:pi_graphic4.png|left|250px|Visitor entrance and exit gates.]]-->Usually, gates come in matched entrance/exit pairs, but sometimes a single member-only exit is located at some distance from any entrances in a gated community. Remember that if visitors and guests can use a gate at the same location, even if they have separate lanes, it is not normally necessary to create separate gates on the map. Simply use a visitor entrance or exit: azers can generally follow the signs to enter or exit via the correct lane.
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