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  • ==== Enable Pinch-to-Zoom Navigation ==== ...e current wiki page, causing it reload any included images, or transcluded templates. It has been updated to work on both the old wiki, and the new USA Wazeoped
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  • ...ght|100px]]The other states and territories of the USA can be found in the navigation box below. Press the "show" button to open the box. }}<!-- End if optional --><noinclude>[[Category:Templates for or part of the state template]]</noinclude>
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  • | Navigation (navigational features) ...the {{tl|ColorSchemeEntry}} template. ''instructions are available on the templates page''.}}
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  • ...reports come with a category, potential reporter GPS track, potential Waze navigation route, and sometimes with a text message from the reporter. The UR system a ...en, and you need more information, write the reporter with a question. See templates below.
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  • ...hree separate sets of servers (infrastructure) containing Waze mapping and navigation systems. The three are "IL" for "Israel", "USA" for the "United States of A ...rowdsourcing|desc="Waze is the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app." - Waze<br><br>See the [[wikipedia:Crowdsourcing|Crowdsourcing]] Wikip
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