State Manager Discussion History

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This page describes the role of State Manager (SM), an active member of the community who is responsible for the the editing in a State.

The State Manager was first developed in the USA and has since been used in several other countries around the world. The role was designed to organize the editing efforts across the fifty United States and their territories. This role acts as a springboard for country-wide responsibilities, providing an intermediate step between the Area Manager (AM) and the Country Manager (CM) role.


To be eligible for the title of State Manager, an editor needs to be:

  • Experienced rank 4 editor or better
  • Active in community
  • Active in the forums and chat
  • Able to add / update wiki pages.

Roles & Responsibilities

SM responsibilities will include (but not be limited to) the following:

  • Being granted editing rights in their entire state.
  • Making sure Unlocks/Updates related to their state are addressed timely.
  • Working with editors on issues that are related to editing and other issues as they arise.
  • Maintaining and updating a closures list / wiki (if necessary) for their state.
  • Maintain/Update/Lead a dedicated state sub-forum in the Waze Forum.
    • They can monitor the forum, post updates, keep enthusiasm about state discussions going, and help keep the RC informed.
  • Help inform editors about existing policy and help evolve that policy based upon their work within a state.
  • Identify key areas in their state.
  • Identify and keep the Regional Coordinator (RC) (and Local Champ (LC) or Global Champ (GC) where available) informed about advancing editors with good skills and those editors which need improvement. (Basically the RCs would like to get the SM's opinion on editors in their state.)
  • Keep a lookout for newer editors throughout their state, and educate them by mentoring them formally or informally.


An editor must meet the requirements stated in the section Requirements. The final approval/decision will be made by the Regional Coordinator (RC) for that state.

This role is not the same as an AM with a larger area. There is a much greater community involvement with this role. There could also be multiple SMs for a single state.

If a state is too small to have their own SM, then a neighboring SM would manage that state.