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The original forum thread for the glossary circa (2013) contains some useful background information.
This New Glossary concept and format (Locked) thread discussed the design and transition period (2015).
This glossary page concept and format replacement was created by GizmoGuy411 (PM)  Profile L2.png, 2014-10-10T21:19:20 UTC, with over 200 new entries compiled since 2013 added to the original 100 along with a Google Sheet to organize and migrate entries to the Wiki.

Wiki templates, and extensive enhancements to the migration sheet were created by PesachZ (PM)  Profile L2.png, 2015-01-25. PesachZ also provided substantial help with the content organization.

Until finalized, some terms may contain more description content than intended by this project. With the reorganization of the Wiki, new pages may be needed to move some content from the glossary to the Wiki pages.
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To see the edit history for the redesign process, please see the original draft page for the new format and redesign in the UserSpace.

Introducing the All New Glossary