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To do

  • Add note on identifying best locations based on URs for ETA issues, personal driving experience, visually seeing heavy traffic on Waze map during commute times.
  • Add hint to look for repeated exit "letters" and remove one of them.
  • Deleting a box and redrawing the exact same connections will reuse previously collected JB data. Adding new connections will not use prior data for new, and unknown for previously existing routes.
  • Add hint on disabling turns into parking lots if there are multiple entrances when junction counts are over the limit.
  • Add section on work arounds for complex JBs
  • Change the description of max size ("2,800 square feet") to clarify that it means "2800 feet square" if that is the case. 2800 square feet is less than 53 feet on a side, which is too small.