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To resolve conflicting wiki pages, I combined the old "How to label and name roads" and "Map Legend" pages to create this page. The old Map Legend page now just redirects here. "How to label and name roads", moved and condensed down to just Road Naming (USA) --Karrows 05:56, 13 April 2012 (UTC)

/* Ramps */

This latest update of the Wiki USA placed Ramp for any type of road. It does not seem right, what do you think?

- With Ramps TTS speech "Exit" instead of "Turn" or "Hold" and it seems that he speaks more in advance.

- Ramps is the class of Highways and looking at the code it has greater weight than all the roads are not Highways.

- On the map, livemap / app, the Ramps are to design / color of Highways.

- Legend In the picture shows that Ramps are only for Highways.