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Columns are not supported by some older browsers, most notably Internet Explorer 9 and below and Opera 11.0 and below.


{{Div col}}, together with {{div col end}}, is used to make a list into columns. It automatically breaks each column into an equal space, meaning, for instance, it isn't necessary to work out the halfway point between two columns. The template also offers options to set a smaller (90%) font-size (|small=yes), place vertical lines ("rules") between the columns (|rules=) and to add other custom styling (|style=).


|colwidth= or second unnamed parameter

   Specifies the minimum width of the columns and determines automatically the number of columns based on screen width (i.e. more columns will be shown on wider displays). Overrides cols. Specified in any CSS unit, for instance in em, about the width of a capital "M", e.g, colwidth=20em


   Adds vertical lines ("rules") between the columns if set to yes or some CSS styling (e.g. 1px dashed blue;).


   Specifies the space between the content of adjacent columns. Specified in any CSS unit, e.g, gap=2em. The default spacing is 1em.


   CSS styling to apply to the columns.


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  • c
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  • e
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