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Note this is a documentation page to cover all hatnote templates. For documentation on the {{Hatnote}} template, please see the documentation page.

Hatnote templates

Overview of hatnote templates: view · talk · edit

For a summary page on how to use these templates, see the example page here. For the full editing guideline on hatnotes, see Wikipedia:Hatnote.


  • {{Hatnote|CUSTOM TEXT}}
{{Hatnote|For other senses of this term, see [[etc…]]}}

More pages on the same topic ("Further information ...")

"For more details on …, see …"

{{Details}} can indicate more details in nonsummary sections:

For more details on this topic, see PAGE1.
For more details on TOPIC, see PAGE1.

Other uses of the same title

"This page is about … For other uses …"

{{About}} is the main template for noting other uses.

Note. When used in Main namespace, the word "page" in the following hatnotes is replaced by "article".


Do not use subst: with these templates, as that will prevent:

  1. propagating changes as the template is modified; and the
  2. What links here (WLH) listing.

These templates are used in thousands of articles; therefore, changing the syntax could break thousands of articles. If you wish to create or edit a disambiguation or redirection template, first ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is there already a template that will do this job? Since many disambiguation and redirection templates have already been created, first check: Category:Disambiguation and redirection templates.
  2. Do I really need a new template for this? Will it likely be used on any other articles or should I just use {{Hatnote}} instead? Before creating a new template, see the template namespace guideline.
  3. If I change the parameters around on an existing template, do I know what the result will be? Will it break existing uses of the template and if so, can I fix all of the errors? Before making any changes, see Template sandbox and test cases.

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