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Higher priority:

  • Highway naming: As of April 2016 we're now using the TN-xxx and SR-xxx formats for state routes, replacing any old variations such as "State Highway xxx" or "TN Hwy xxx" - remember to look for these both in primary and alternate names.
  • Speed limits: All interstates and freeways in TN are complete, but all remaining road types from Major Highways down to streets need speed limits set.
  • Some Place Categories: Make sure that high priority places (airports, hospitals, gas stations, police/fire, schools, major parks), are mapped correctly and completely according to regional guidance, and locked at 3 or higher.
  • Map Update Requests and PUR: All editors are invited and encouraged to work on any Update requests in their editable area.

Lower priority:

  • Basemap: The idea here is that as one progresses through the high priority items, any segments that are edited, and any touching a state or US highway, should pass Validator checks: directionality and turn restrictions are correct, for example. Basemap farther away from these roads, however, is lower priority but should be given attention if there is time or if you are fixing something else nearby.
  • Cities: We're no longer naming Census Designated Places, only incorporated municipalities. Removing them is not high on the list, but if you edit segments with an incorrect name on them, remove the name.
  • Existing places: Reviewing these, and making sure that existing places are correct and meet standards for each place type. Once complete (correct name, categories, address, location, area/point), they can be locked at 3.

Here are a few spreadsheets for tracking progress of...

Numbered State Highways



Fire Stations

The progress of various other items by county