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|| Based in Texas
|| Based in Texas
|| 2015-06-17
|| 2015-06-17
|[https://www.waze.com/user/editor/dspille dspille] (5) [[https://www.waze.com/forum/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&username=dspille PM]]
|Country Manager, SM - Texas
|Based in Texas
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|| Based in DFW
|| Based in DFW
|| 2015-10-01
|| 2015-10-01
| [https://www.waze.com/user/editor/dspille dspille] (5) [[https://www.waze.com/forum/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&username=dspille PM]]
|| Texas
|| Based in Waco
|| 2016-03-12
| [https://www.waze.com/user/editor/juliansean juliansean] (5) [[https://www.waze.com/forum/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&username=juliansean PM]]
| [https://www.waze.com/user/editor/juliansean juliansean] (5) [[https://www.waze.com/forum/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&username=juliansean PM]]

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NOTICE (4/15/2017): This page is now part of the the South Central Region harmonized Wazeopedia page. This page is limited to Texas-specific information referenced from the SCR main page. Please reference that page first.

Welcome to the Texas Wazeopedia. Below you will find information related to editing for Waze in Texas that is not covered in the main South Central Region Wazeopedia article, which includes the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Counties and Municipalities

There are 6386 cities and towns spread across 254 counties in Texas. See Cities in Texas for proper naming information.

City names should be everything inside of the city limits. City limits are clearly defined by the green signs. Use of Google Maps to find where a city is highly discouraged.

Roads in Texas

Road naming

The South Central Region conforms to the USA Standards for TTS abbreviations for prefixes and suffixes. Please see the Road Naming Abbreviations & Suffixes page for more details.

Interstates I-XX
US Highway US-XX
State Highway SH-XX
State Loop Loop XX
State Spur Spur XX
State Park Road Park Rd XX
State Rec Road Recreational Rd XX
County Road CR-XX
Farm/Ranch to Market FM XX/RM XX
Private Road Private Rd XX

Business Roads All business roads should be suffixed with BUS:

  • Business Interstate = I-XX BUS
  • Business US Highway = US-XX BUS

Interstates in Texas

  • I-2 Rio Grande Valley
  • I-10 New Mexico to Louisiana
  • I-20 Midland/Odessa to Louisiana
  • I-27 Lubbock to Amarillo
  • I-30 Fort Worth to Arkansas
  • I-35 Mexico to Oklahoma
  • I-35E Hillsboro to Denton through Dallas
  • I-35W Hillsboro to Denton through Fort Worth
  • I-37 Corpus Christi to San Antonio
  • I-40 New Mexico to Oklahoma
  • I-45 Galveston to Dallas
  • I-69 Brownsville/Edinburg/Laredo to Texarkana (will follow US-59)
  • I-369 Spur to west side of Texarkana
  • I-410 Loop around San Antonio
  • I-610 Loop around Houston
  • I-635 Spur through DFW Metroplex
  • I-820 Loop around Fort Worth 

Major construction projects in Texas

See TxDot for a list of LONG TERM road closures & changes to traffic flow that impact the Waze map.

If you are aware or made aware of any long term closures (construction, work closures and emergency closures), please fill out this form. Your submission will be reviewed by US Champs and submitted to the Waze team upon approval.

I-35 (Austin to DFW)

SH-360 Toll Arlington/Grand Prairie/Mansfield

The new SH-360 tollway is in progress between I-20 and US-287. It will include 3-4 mainlanes in each direction along with direct connectors to US-287 in Mansfield.

SH-360 Toll Project Information

SH-360 Toll Video

SH-360 / I-30 Interchange Arlington

One of the last relics of the old Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike, the I-30 / SH-360 interchange, is getting a makeover. It will be upgraded to a four level stack interchange with continuous frontage roads on SH-360 and a reconfiguration of Six Flags Dr.

I-30 / SH-360 Interchange Project Information

I-30 / SH-360 Interchange Video

I-35W Fort Worth (North Tarrant Express)

I-35W is being reconstructed from downtown Fort Worth to US-287. The new configuration will include tolled express lanes along with upgraded interchanges at SH-121, I-820 and US-287.

North Tarrant Express Main Page

North Tarrant Express - Lane Closures

I-35E Dallas to Denton (35 Express)

Thirty miles of I-35E is being rebuilt from I-635 in Dallas to US-380 in Denton. It will include two tolled reversible express lanes, new interchanges at FM 407 and Belt Line Rd and new bridges across Lake Lewisville.

35 Express Main Page

35 Express - Lane Closures

SH-183 / SH-114 / Loop 12 (Midtown Express)

The express lanes on SH-183 (Bedford) and SH-114 (Grapevine) will be extended eastward through Irving and past the SH-183/SH-114 merge into Dallas. Express lanes will also be extended on Loop 12 from I-35E to SH-183 in Irving.

Midtown Express Main Page

Midtown Express - Lane Closures

SH-121 / SH-114 / SH-360 / I-635 Grapevine (DFW Connector)

Primary DFW Connector construction is complete, but more improvements to the connector are still in progress including the SH-121 / SH-360 interchange upgrade.

DFW Connector Main Page

DFW Connector - Lane Closures

Functional Classification of Roads

See Road names/USA and Road types/USA.

The South Central Region participates in functional classification across all states. We promote a hybrid FC to ensure for the best routing possible for all Wazers. The hybrid FC basically means a state highway would never be typed less than Minor Highway (mH).

FC Maps for Texas

Use the appropriate link below to access the Functional Classification map for the state you are working in. Once you have reviewed the map, then refer to the FC cross reference chart below to determine what road type and lock level should be assigned to the roads in the area. For roads that need to be locked at a higher level than you are able, change the street to the correct type, then request a lock from a higher-level editor.


FC Cross Reference

Refer to this chart to determine the road type of a given paved public road based on the functional class.

To use this chart, first determine the functional class of a road, and whether it is a signed, numbered highway in a particular highway system.

Where the column for the road's highway system and the row for the road's functional class meet, you will find the proper road type for that particular road.

A number of examples are given below the chart.

Highway Systems
Interstate Interstate BUS/LOOP


US Hwy (incl. some special routes) US Hwy BUS, SPUR, LOOP State Hwy (incl. some special routes) State Hwy BUS, SPUR[a], LOOP, Frontage Rd FM/RM, County Route Locally-maintained
example I-10 E I-94 BUS US-190 US-460 BUS SH-23 SH-400 LOOP FM 40 / CR-15 Robertson St

Interstate[b]  Fw  n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Other Freeway[c] n/a  Fw   Fw   Fw   Fw   Fw   Fw   Fw 
Other Expressway[d] n/a  Major   Major   Major   Major   Major   Major   Major 
Other Principal Arterial[e] n/a  Major   Major   Major   Major   Major   Major   Major 
Minor Arterial[f] n/a  Major   Major   Minor   Minor   Minor   Minor   Minor 
Major Collector n/a  Major   Major   Minor   Minor   PS   PS   PS 
Minor Collector n/a  Major   Major   Minor   Minor   PS   PS   PS 
Local/not mapped n/a  Major   Major   Minor   Minor   PS   Street   Street 

^a When a state highway "SPUR" route is used to connect a state highway with another state highway, a US highway, or an Interstate (i.e., when it is used as a connector/CONN route), use the first state highway column.

^b Also known as Principal Arterial - Interstate.

^c Also known as Principal Arterial - Freeway.

^d Also known as Principal Arterial - Expressway.

^e Also known as Principal Arterial.

^f Also known as Other Arterial.

For example,

  • An Interstate Business Loop classified as a Minor Arterial is a  Major Highway .
  • A US Highway classified as a Minor Arterial is a  Major Highway .
  • A US Highway Spur route classified as a Minor Arterial is a  Minor Highway .
  • A State Highway classified as an Other Freeway is a  Freeway .
  • A State Highway classified as a Collector is a  Minor Highway .
  • A County Route classified as a Minor Arterial is a  Minor Highway .
  • A County Route classified as a Collector is a  Primary Street 
  • A locally-maintained road classified as an Other Principal Arterial is a  Major Highway .
  • A locally-maintained road classified as a Collector is a  Primary Street .
 Fw   Freeway 
 Major   Major Highway 
 Minor   Minor Highway 
 PS   Primary Street 
 Street   Street 

FC issues on State Maps

If you find any issues where FC changes unexpectedly such as in the image (the small section of green in between 2 red sections), please let the Regional Coordinator (RC) know exactly where this is located, so the appropriate DOT can be notified.

FC issue.png

Mapping Links

GIS Links

Active Editors in Texas

Country Managers (South Central Region)
Username Role Comments Editing Since
karlcr9911 (6) [PM] Regional Coordinator - South Central Region, Global Champ Based in East TX 2013-08-23
sketch (6) [PM] Assistant Regional Coordinator - South Central Region, Global Champ Based in New Orleans 2009-08-08
jm6087 (5) [PM] Country Manager, SM - Texas Based in Texas 2015-06-17
dspille (5) [PM] Country Manager, SM - Texas Based in Texas 2016-03-12
State Managers (Texas)
Username State Managed Comments Editing Since
turnertr (5) [PM] Texas/Oklahoma Based in Oklahoma 2014-02-05
tcalvert317 (5) [PM] Texas/Oklahoma 2013-01-29
johnseab (5) [PM] Texas/Oklahoma Based in DFW 2014-09-15
dfw_gis (5) [PM] Texas Based in DFW 2015-10-01
juliansean (5) [PM] Texas Based in Houston 2016-07-03
Area Managers (Texas)
Username Areas Managed Comments Editing Since
michelle-s (5) [PM] SM Oklahoma, Edits in Texas 2016-01-18
jimbobaggins1966 (4) [PM] AM Houston south to Gulf Coast and Austin Based in Houston area 2015-09-10
kjg53 (5) [PM] AM Houston MSA/Austin/Nacogdoches Based in Houston area 2014-10-23
jangliss (4) [PM] AM DFW/Odessa Based in DFW 2011-01-27
jalondon628 (3) [PM] AM Wichita Falls, Edit in the DFW area Based in DFW 2017-03-07
CrazyKillerDude (2) [PM] AM Kilgore Based in Kilgore 2018-04-17
watchout4others (3) [PM] AM DFW/mid-Gulf Coast Area Based in DFW 2016-02-25

If you are an active editor in Texas or a USA Country Manager that does a lot of work in Texas, please ask to be added.