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<center>[[Waze_Version_3.5|Back to Waze Version 3.5]]</center>
===== How to disable TTS =====
To disable text to speech option open the '''Menu''' >> '''Settings''':
Choose '''Sound''':
Choose '''Navigation guidance''':
And choose '''Directions only (with themes)''':
===== Navigate from point A to point B =====
Choose the start point, tap and hold (for a few seconds) on the map:
Click on '''More''' button to reveal additional options and choose '''Set as start point''':
To set the end point you must search for it using the search box:
Choose the location:
Click '''go''' to start the navigation:
Waze will navigate you through point A to point B.
===== Can't see new favorites?  =====
Please note that the favorite menu is limited with 10 favorites:
To view the full favorite list click on the Favorites icon:
===== Clear history =====
Open the '''Menu''' and choose '''Navigate''':
Choose History
Choose a location that you want to delete from history:
Choose remove:
===== View all alternative routes on the map =====
===== How to pave a road? =====
To pave a new road open the report menu:
Choose Map Issue and select the '''Pave''' tab:
Click on '''Pave road''' to start paving.
To stop paving click on the icon at the left of the screen:
And choose '''Stop paving''':
'''Note''': In areas that are already mapped out, the pave option should only be used when the visual map layer in the [[Waze Map Editor]] (WME) does not show the new roads you are about to pave. Otherwise it is easier and better to use the WME to create and validate (name) the road directly through the web interface. Either way you have to use WME to have the road actually appear in the client anyway by [[Creating_and_Editing_street_segments#Confirm_the_road_by_updating_details|confirming the roads]].
===== Inbox =====
Now you can get messages into your inbox like:
* Thanks on your reports after you quit Waze.
* New Facebook friend who got connected through Facebook connect.
* Shows a list of all your Facebook friends which are connected through Waze.
[[Image:Photo (18).PNG|240px]] [[Image:Alert message1.PNG|240px]]
<center>[[Waze_Version_3|Back to Waze Version 3]]</center>
===== How to disable notifications? (iOS only) =====
Open the '''Menu''' and choose '''Settings'''
Select '''General'''
Then '''Notifications'''
Select which notifications you want or do not want.
In addition, to disable all the notifications in your iPhone:
Click on '''Settings''' and choose '''Notifications''':
Choose '''Waze''':
Turn off '''Notification Center''':
===== Forgot Password =====
To recover your Waze password, simply follow these steps:
1. Visit our password recovery page at http://www.waze.com/forgot_password
2. Enter your email.
3. Click Reset Password.
4. The password should be sent to your inbox
5. You'll need to confirm the new password in a separate link
'''NOTE: pay attention to upper case letters, the system is case sensitive.'''
You can also reset the password through your mobile phone:
1. When you first install Waze click on Remind me:
2. Fill in your email address:
'''If you are experiencing any problems resetting your password please send us more detail about this issue (not getting link to reset the password, error message, etc..).'''
===== Mirror Waze to an external display (iOS only)=====
1. Connect your phone to your car stereo using usb cable (like CD-IU51V cable for example).
2. Open Waze and open the '''Menu''' and choose '''Settings''':
3. Under the Screen mirroring you can enable mirroring by choosing '''Device''' or disable by choosing '''Off''':
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