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This page is being updated to the new State template suite. If you are interested you can view it at this test page. If you would like to help the effort, send a private message to the editor of the new page.

This page contains information related to editing Waze maps in the USA Southeast Region which includes Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. It takes precedence over any more geographically localized state-level sub-pages to insure regional unity and consistency. Your regional coordinator is driving79. Questions regarding this information should be addressed to the SE Regional Coordinator or the State Managers.

See the Southeast Forum for more information. You can also send a request to the State Managers or the SE Regional Coordinator to join our private slack chat group. We are always looking for editors, and have fun learning in the process.

This page is maintained by the Key Southeast Region Editors and moderated by driving79. Please coordinate any changes in advance. Southeast map editors are encouraged to add/modify their own information in the Key Southeast Region Editors table below. All editors should be intimately familiar with Best Editing Practices.

Additionally, important links for all Southeast editors are available at Southeast's Important Links Page.

States, Counties and Localities


WME Counties Alabama Census 2014

  • Overview: There are 426 municipalities and 67 counties in the state. The primary urban centers are Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery (state capitol), and Huntsville, all pierced by or nearby the I-65 corridor. The toll system is Freedom Pass. Alabama is in the Central time zone.


  • Overview: There are 473 municipalities and 67 counties in the state. Orlando and neighboring Lake Buena Vista endure the most editing and map reports due to their popularity as global tourist destinations. The toll system is "Sunpass" (toll rates) and it is near impossible to travel anywhere in Florida from Orlando southward without encountering it. Outside of Florida, it is compatible with the NC QuickPass, and the GA PeachPass (see below). Florida spans the Eastern and Central time zones, with the dividing line at the Apalachicola River west of Tallahassee.
  • Disney World: Disney World has been edited and locked to rank 5 for segments and rank 6 for areas/points. If you see an issue anywhere in Disney World, please post it to the unlock request forum, or alert a rank 5 or 6 editor with the problem and it will be fixed.


  • Overview: There are 523 municipalities and 159 counties in the state. The toll system is PeachPass and is primarily found on HOV lanes in metro Atlanta. Some HOV lanes require PeachPass. Outside of Georgia, it is compatible with the FL Sunpass, and the NC QuickPass. Georgia is in the Eastern time zone.

Road (segment) types

Determining road types in the Southeast aligns with the Waze USA Standard for freeway, major highway, minor highways, and primary streets. The Waze USA standard is a hybrid system based on a national standard called "functional classification" with a few modifications.

Functional classification maps are available for most states. Compliance across state borders is important to insure better route selections between states; however, editors in some states have deferred adoption of the USA Standard due to in-state concerns. If you edit in any region than the Southeast, you must comply with that state's recommendations.

Although the Waze USA Standard permits some road-type selection deviation, at present no Southeast deviations are permitted, but may be in the future.

Minimum Road Type Standards

Interstate =  Freeway 
US Hwy =  Major Highway  (MH)
State Roads =  Minor Highway  (mH)

Dirt (unpaved/gravel) roads

The USA Standard (matrix table) does not specify how to set unpaved road segments, so we define that here. Unpaved roads may or may not be classified in the states' functional classification system. If they are, set the road type according to the functional classification. If they are not, set the road type to Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail.

To stay aligned with the USA Standard, a County Road functionally classified as Local, or a Local street classified as a collector, is still to be set as a Primary Road. A Local street functionally classified by the DOT as Local, is a Street. Otherwise, dirt is dirt. The majority of dirt roads are not functionally classified.

How to determine
when to set a dirt
road as type
dirt road

(unpaved or gravel)













If the users' client options are set to avoid dirt roads, they will still be routed on dirt roads functionally classified as either a Collector or Street. This is necessary to insure beginning-to-end routing should the origin/destination be on an unpaved road however, Waze route pruning will only consider these lower-priority roads (Primary Street, Street, Dirt) near the origin/destination.


  • An unpaved County Road identified in the DOT FC system as a Collector is a Primary Street.
  • An unpaved street identified in the DOT FC system as a Local road is a Street.
  • Any unpaved road not listed in the DOT FC system is Dirt.

Road Segment Naming

Interstates: I-xx
US Hwy: US-xx
State Road/Rte/Hwy: SR-xx
County Rte/Hwy: CR-xx

Often when US Hwys, State Roads, and County Roads pass through municipalities, they have a local name (e.g, "Main St"). Please see Road Names for instructions on how to name these segments. Check here for other states.

Road Segment Locking

There are some cases that do not adhere to this standard, such as any theme park type areas in Orlando (5/6). Further, all gates at gated communities / private installation should be locked to at least 5.

Standard for locking roads in the southeast region:
Segment Type Default locks
 Freeway  5
 Ramp  5
 Major Highway  5
 Minor Highway  4
 Primary Street  3
 Street  1
 • • • • Ferry • • • •   5
 |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| Railroad |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|  2

When to Split a Two-Way Road

Generally, a road should be undivided unless it meets ALL of the requirements for dividing a road. When initially reviewing whether to divide or "un-divide" (merge back together) a roadway, consider these points first:

  1. The default representation for any roadway is a single 2-way segment, even if the physical roadway is divided. Dividing a roadway carries with it the burden of proof that the change will improve the usability and/ or simplicity of the waze map.
  2. If a road is currently working with no problem reports, consider leaving it as is.
  3. Prior to splitting a road, send a PM to one of the State Managers or the SE Regional Coordinator.
  4. Try to avoid switching roads back and forth between being divided and 2-way. For example, if most of the road is clearly divided and only parts would be considered a single two-way road, consider leaving it all divided. If only a small portion seems better off divided, consider keeping it all 2-way.

A road may be divided when ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • GPS tracks show a clearly definable and continuous gap (blank area) between the color-by-azimuth arrows at the 100m/500ft zoom level,
  • Multiple houses or businesses with no off-street parking are located directly on the street but are not accessible from the opposite direction of travel due to lengthy median, obstruction, or traffic control signage, or
  • U-turns are required to properly make turns from public driveable road types that are blocked by a median.

A road should not be divided when:

  • There is a curb or non-driveable median less than 5m wide between lanes of travel (see exceptions above).
  • The non-driveable median is interrupted by a cross segment at most intersections.
  • There is a center turn lane (any width) between directions of travel. Dividing this type of road creates problems when people turn from the middle lane because there is no road for the navigation to follow.
  • It is possible and legal to make a left turn/u-turn everywhere along the road
  • The objective is solely for visual appearance or to make the road match another visual source like Google Maps. MATCHING GOOGLE (or any other map product) IS NOT A REASON.

Remember that dividing and undividing roads each comes with its own set of problems. Each situation is unique and some issues may be more manageable with a single two-way road, and some may work fine with a divided road. Consider every aspect of routing, and carefully examine each junction before dividing or undividing. Regardless of whether you're dividing or undividing, remember that you might cause more problems than you solve and you might have to put it back the way it was before. Also remember that dividing and undividing each cause loss of some traffic data, which can result in poor Waze routing.

Mapping Resources & Functional Classification

Use only state DOT level FC maps when determine how to type (classify) a segment (Major Hwy, Minor Hwy, etc.). Some counties and cities have their own FC system, but only the state level system is to be used as a reference as these have been through a federal and state level approval process.

Use of City Field

Please see the link above for the proper use of the city name field for all states in the Southeast Region.


Alabama Mapping Resources

An important note about Alabama Code of laws is included on the page above. Click the header for relevant information for mapping in Alabama. Editors should always reference these local official sources for road naming. Those should be posted in the page above. If it is not please contact your State Manager for guidance.


Florida Mapping Resources

An important note about Florida traffic laws is included at the page linked above.

Click the link above for relevant information for mapping in Florida. Every county in Florida has online geographic resources from either the Property Appraiser's office and/or Geographical Information Systems (GIS) department. Editors should always reference these local official sources for road naming. Those should be posted in the page above. If it is not please contact your State Manager for guidance.

Florida Functional Classification

Click the link above for resources on functional classification.

Unsigned Florida SR#'s along US and Interstate Highways

Click the link above for more information about Unsigned FL SR#'s along US and Interstate Highways


Georgia Mapping Resources

Click the link above for relevant information for mapping in Georgia.Editors should always reference these local official sources for road naming when possible. Those should be posted in the page above. If it is not please contact your State Manager for guidance.

Update Requests & Comments

The southeast follows the national Update Requests & Comments guidance. Do NOT leave reminders at 4 days (or however many days). If another editor left a comment for the reporter, there is no response from the reporter, AND it has been 7+ days....simply put a comment about why it's being closed (i.e. "Closed due to inactivity.") and mark it Not Identified.

Do not over complicate the UR process, and please do not leave lengthy questions/responses. There are a few UR comment scripts that have been designed and approved by higher ranked editors available for your use. Scripts Page

Boots on the ground

We need local boots on the ground to check things. Please add requests for locals to go and scout things in person, as in on the road. Some examples when this would be used include to check and see if:

  • The street view is accurate,
  • A road is really closed,
  • A turn really allowed/prohibited, etc.
  • A Place Exists, is Closed Permenantly, or Remodeling

To make a new request, or respond to an existing request, please use this form.

View sheet as full Webpage

Places (formerly Landmarks)

The southeast follows the national Places guidance. The following exceptions to the national guidance are NOT mapped:

  • interchanges/junctions
  • water of any kind
  • islands
  • beaches
  • toll plazas

Any exceptions to this rule will be locked to 5 or above. There are some rivers mapped as requested by Waze staff, but this is not the standard.

Exceptions to a point or area that ARE mapped in the southeast:

  • Post Office is an area
  • Car Dealership is always a point

Place Lock Standards

Places should be locked to the below standards, only after all data fields have been filled. At a minimum at least ensure that Category, Name and Address (street and house number), and Brand (for gas stations) have information. Note for gas stations - DO NOT USE THE BRAND "UNBRANDED". If it is a no brand gas station, just leave the brand field blank.

Lock at rank 5: hospitals, universities, schools, park and ride lots, arenas, airports.

Lock at 3: any other place that has at least a correct category, correct name, and correct address with house number.

If you cannot lock high enough because of rank, lock as high as you can, and post in the USA Unlock Forum to get help from a higher-ranked editor to lock properly.

Place Harmonization

  • Phone Numbers
Places should follow one of the following telephone number formats: (XXX) XXX-XXXX or XXX-XXX-XXXX
  • Webpages
Except for public schools (who that make extensive efforts to keep their naming schemes), please use the simplest url that will get you to a chain's homepage, do not link directly to the chains location specific page. Examples are in the sheet below. Be sure to check that the url works before using it in WME or submitting it to the Place Name Harmonization form or using it for a place.

Chain Harmonization Sheet

The name spellings in the following sheet have been standardized for chains or franchises so that Wazers will receive consistent results when searching in the client. Please use them when you edit one of these chain or franchise businesses. Websites and descriptions have also been included for many of them. If you have any thoughts on a effective and short description for a location please let us know.
  • Missing Chains
If you don't find the business you're looking for, please use this form to submit the missing information and PM T0cableguy and replace "Place" with the one you added.

View this list full-screen in Google Sheets

Category Sheet

Some places do not have a clear place category, so we have provided this list for ones we get regular questions about. If you do not see something you think should be on this list please use this form to submit the missing information and PM T0cableguy that you have requested more information.

View this list full-screen in Google Sheets

Major construction projects

See the states' Department of Transporation (DOT) web sites for a list of long term road closures and changes to traffic flow that impact the Waze Map.

Special Roads


These are mapped as a Parking Lot road only if the alley leads to more than one address (businesses or residences) or is a named street. Otherwise, alleys are not mapped.

Non-drivable roads

Generally, if a path can't be driven on (e.g. Walking Trail, Pedestrian Boardwalk, Stairway, Runway/Taxiway) then it is not mapped. Waze is a driving app, not a pedestrian, bicycle, or flying app.

Emergency Vehicle and DOT Service Roads

We do not map Emergency Vehicle and DOT Service Roads.


For areas where residents are dependent upon ferries, see the Ferries Editing Manual. Please contact your RC for any questions deciding if a ferry should be mapped.


Railroads can be mapped, but they are not a priority at this time.

Segment & Turn Restrictions


U-turns in the Southeast are to be enabled when they are on Divided roads, and legal. Most locations that U-Turns are absolutely not allowed will have a sign posted which may be visible in Streetview. U-Turns on roads without medians should not be enabled. The laws regarding U-Turns in the Southeast Region are found in each State's Mapping Resources page. Please keep them in mind when determining a legal U-Turn.

Closed Roads

Temporary Road Closures are the preferred method for road closures in the Southeast. Please contact a State Manager or higher for any of the closure types listed below. They will be happy to help with these.

  1. Mega Events
  2. Temporary Road Closures
  3. Scheduled restrictions
  4. Disconnect road segments - In some cases it may be best to completely disconnect road segments. Please consult your Area Manager or higher for advice before disconnecting a segment.

For Mega Events we need advance notice so they will appear in the app and we can get the proper closure sheet for the event. There are four methods to control traffic flow:

Please refer to the Partial Restrictions wiki for further guidance.


See How to Identify Cameras.

Red light cameras

Currently, the only way to add cameras to the editor are from the app. When placing a camera in the app, drop a general error with "RLC W" where W = the direction the camera is facing. This will allow other editors to know which way the camera is facing when they go to approve it in the editor. If you do find a camera that needs to be added please let a high ranking editor know so it can be locked as high as possible.

DO NOT USE PHOTOENFORCED AS A REFERENCE FOR CAMERA LOCATIONS. This website is inaccurate! Only use official websites, or (of course) your own eyes.

There is no need to purge the map of invalid and non-approved red light cameras. They drop off the map no more than 14 days from their report.

Known Camera Locations

Duval County Red Light Cameras

Orange County Red Light Cameras

Tallahasse Red Light Cameras Deactivated 8/17/15, slated for removal.

Speed Cameras

Speed cameras that issue tickets are not located in AL, FL, or GA. Do not map this type of camera. Only red light cameras are used in all three states.

Other Camera Types

These are cameras or signs that either provide driver feedback or are used for traffic control. These devices CAN NOT issue tickets and are not mapped.


Forum Etiquette

Waze Forums (USA)

Key Southeast Region Editors

Username Rank PM Area Managed Comments
Badge CountryManager.png Country Managers
driving79 6 PM United States
Southeast Regional Coordinator
Local Champ
FL Resident
spankdog 6 PM United States https://wiki.waze.com/wiki/images/thumb/9/9f/Badge_LocalChamp.png/30px-Badge_LocalChamp.png
Local Champ
GA Resident
banished 6 PM United States https://wiki.waze.com/wiki/images/thumb/9/9b/Badge_GlobalChamp.png/30px-Badge_GlobalChamp.png
Global Champ
FL Resident
ggrane 5 PM United States FL Resident
Badge StateManager.png State Managers
bruceqc 5 PM AL AL Resident
jakflash 5 PM AL, FL, GA
FL Resident
keepfsusafe 5 PM AL, FL, GA
Special Events, Projects & Emergencies
FL Resident
spedracr 5 PM GA GA Resident
t0cableguy 5 PM AL, FL, GA FL Resident
n4dog 4 PM AL FL Resident
red-nax 4 PM GA GA Resident
Badge AreaManager.png Area Managers
Alabama.png ALABAMA
heyblue 5 PM Statewide Local Resident
jbrianj 4 PM Gulf Coast
(Mobile, Gulf Shores)
jlspence99 4 PM Southwest
(Montgomery, Selma)
red-nax 4 PM Central
subbiebrz 4 PM East Central
(Roanoke, Heflin)
Local Resident
young7up 4 PM North
(Huntsville, Gadsden)
Local Resident
Florida.png FLORIDA
bmtg 5 PM North Peninsula
(Tampa, Orlando, Gainesville)
Local Resident
aestewa 4 PM Southeast
(Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm)
crew_rest 4 PM Southwest
(Ruskin, Port Charlotte, Immokalee)
Local Resident
fjsawicki 4 PM Tampa Bay
(St. Pete, New Port Richey)
Local Resident
itzwolf 4 PM Eastern Peninsula
(Jax, Daytona Bch, Miami, Key West)
Local Resident
jbrianj 4 PM Western Panhandle
(Pensacola, Panama City)
Local Resident
mrbyte_ontheroad 4 PM East Central
(Brevard County)
Local Resident
n4dog 4 PM Central Panhandle
(Destin, Tallahassee, Panama City)
Local Resident
wambuli 4 PM North Florida
(Duval, Alachua, Clay, Flagler, St John's, Nassau counties)
Local Resident
ardan74 3 PM Southwest
(Ft. Myers, Naples, Clewiston)
Local Resident
deruguy 3 PM Western Panhandle
(Pensacola, Gulf Breeze)
Local Resident
douglasr007 3 PM Southwest
(Venice - Englewood)
Local Resident
heladocaliente 3 PM North Central
(Gainesville - Ocala)
Local Resident
lostriver2008 3 PM Madison County
(Madison, Greenville, Lee)
Local Resident
tommynewgun 3 PM Northeast
Local Resident
triordan 3 PM Northern Tampa Bay
(Tampa, New/North Tampa, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel)
Local Resident
lilsnot 2 PM Citrus County
(Crystal River)
Local Resident
K-L-B 2 PM Pasco County
(Trinity / New Port Richey)
Local Resident
Georgia.png GEORGIA
huckd 5 PM Statewide
Local Resident
xkspeed 5 PM North
(Macon and points northward)
Local Resident
aestewa 4 PM Lake Lanier
(Dahlonega, Gainesville, Canton)
Local Resident
burpee1282 4 PM West Central, Central
(Carrollton, Fairburn, Warner Robins)
Local Resident
itzwolf 4 PM East
(Savannah, Brunswick, Augusta)
jroman7 4 PM NW Metro Atlanta
(Marietta, Dallas)
Local Resident
n4dog 4 PM Southwest
(Albany, Macon, Columbus)
ramblinwreck_81 4 PM Metro Atlanta
(Atlanta, Roswell)
Local Resident
wambuli 4 PM Southeast
amynm 3 PM Central
(LaGrange, Macon, Millidgeville)
Local Resident
deepsouthdiver 3 PM East Coast
(Savannah, Brunswick)
Local Resident
fish1552 3 PM East Central
(Douglas, Dublin, Statesboro)
Local Resident
jtbernier 3 PM N Fulton, S Forsyth
(Alpharetta, Cumming)
Local Resident
outdoorliving 3 PM North Central
(Cartersville, Dalton, Ellijay)
Local Resident
sgtm14 3 PM Greater Augusta
(Augusta, Waynesboro)
Local Resident
creekofjohn 3 PM Atlanta Metro
(Alpharetta, Atlanta, Athens)
Local Resident
swg_moto 2 PM South Central
Local Resident


Waze has been designed to be an open community with various levels of editors. Rank 5 and 6 editors are senior editors. They are here to help you and are to be respected at all times. Instructions from senior editors are to be followed, unless it conflicts with this page. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to PM one of the rank 6s or 5s in the list (if you're having a problem with one, please PM the regional coordinators). We will try to handle the issue as quickly and peacefully as possible.

It is not possible to list every occurrence of problems which can occur in the editor, but the following are some examples of what has happened in the past:

  • Deleting and redrawing roads
  • Closing UR's without following this flowchart
  • Creating mass amounts of parking lot roads
  • Creating roads on top of already existing roads
  • Disrespect to higher ranking editors
  • Not cleaning up your own mess
  • Not responding to private messages
  • Willful damage to the map
  • Editing just to clear geometry nodes will result in an instant blocking of your editing rights

Everyone is allowed one free pass, but disciplinary actions after the first occurrence for the above may include:

  • Formal mentoring
  • Lowering of rank
  • Temporary suspension of editing rights
  • Permanent suspension of editing rights