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TN To-Do link to this section

This list is intended to help guide the editing efforts of Waze Editors in Tennessee, and to help editors identify areas to focus their efforts. All high-quality edits make the map better and are thus valuable, so please feel welcome to edit as you see fit, but this list will hopefully help answer the question of "what can I do now?" Please check back here frequently, as this list will change as projects are completed and new ones added. Announcements of changes will be made in Discord.

Rank Recommendations: Projects here have been sorted by recommended Editor Rank. This is intended only as a guide. Please feel welcome to pursue any project that interests you, regardless of your Editor Rank. Editing above your current Rank, with the help of a higher-rank editor is always a good way to learn new skills.

Tracked vs Untracked Projects: TN State Managers have developed tracking mechanisms for some projects. These tracking sheets are meant to help editors not waste their time editing where the project has already been completed or is in progress, to create lasting resources for editors in the future, and to help keep up with how close to complete we are on each project. The presence of a tracking sheet does not mean that a particular project is more or less important than one without.

Rank 1+ Recommended Projects

USPS Alternate City Names


Edit all segments which have destinations on them (generally speaking, types Major Highway and below) to include an alternate name which lists the city name assigned by the United States Postal Service. These edits are critical to address searching for users.

Editing Procedure

This is often best completed on in conjunction with other projects, but can be a stand-alone editing effort as well. This is an untracked project.

Tennessee follows the current USA guidance for USPS City Names, which can be found here.

Recommended Resources and Tools:

General Place Clean-up


Complete editing and verification of user-added places throughout the map. User-added places are located at the spot where the user added the place, not necessarily where the place actually is. Cleaning these up improves routing to that destination for future routes.

Editing Procedure

Cleaning up places involves multiple steps. This is an untracked project. Regardless of the order you choose, please address the following issues when processing existing places on the map:

  1. Move to the correct location and adjust the stop point as needed for best routing.
    • Use StreetView, GIS, and the business's website as resources as needed to identify the correct location. Existing photographs associated with the place may also be helpful in finding the right spot.
  2. Correct errors and complete the Name, Category, and Address fields.
  3. Correct issues related to improper use of Area or Point types. Verify area geometry matches the location's boundaries.
  4. Add or verify the location's telephone number and website.
    • Use the business's website to verify the phone number.
  5. If the business's website lists hours, update the hours to match.
  6. Rank 3+ Editors: Add the correct External Provider link(s).
  7. Lock to regional standard. For most places, this is L3 in SAT.
    • Rank 1 and 2 editors should lock as high as you can.

NOTE: Please pay very close attention to the correct use of external data sources.

Recommended Resources and Tools:

Speed Limits


Add speed limit values to all public road segments in the state.

Editing Procedure

This is often best completed on in conjunction with other projects, but can be a stand-alone editing effort as well. Please use personal experience as well as StreetView images to identify posted speed limits and add them to the appropriate segments.

Recommended Resources and Tools:

  • Extension: WME Toolbox, which will show you color-coded speed limits set on segments
  • Script: WME Speedhelper, which adds clickable speed limit buttons to your WME interface

Tracking Procedure

This project is tracked statistically by state managers. Editors do not need to do anything to track their progress.


As of April 8, 2019ː

  •  Freeway ː100 percent complete
  •  Major Highway ː 100 percent complete
  •  Minor Highway ː 100 percent complete
  •  Primary Street ː 76.2 percent complete
  •  Street ː 42.6 percent complete
  • State Rankː 27

Rank 2+ Recommended Projects

Functional Classification (FC)


Review of the latest TDOT Functional Classification maps to ensure proper implementation in the Waze map. Implementing TDOT FC on the Waze map helps steer traffic to routes which are planned to handle the extra traffic, and hopefully are in better condition and better marked.


As of Sept 6, 2018, we have completed the review of 2 out of 19 TDOT Functional Classification maps which changed in the 2018 issue. 163 maps did not change between 2017 and 2018. This update project is 11% complete.

Basemap Cleanup


Basemap is the result of maps which Waze purchased access to in the early days. These segments often have incorrect names, missing connections, unknown directions, unconfirmed turns, and other issues. Many segments do not belong on the WME map at all. These can obviously create routing issues.

Editing Procedure

If you are unfamiliar with editing basemap, please contact other editors for tips and pointers. This is an untracked project.

Recommended Resources and Tools:

  • Extension: WME Toolbox, which will help you identify unconfirmed turns and other issues
  • Script: WME Magic, which will help highlight additional map issues.
  • Script: WME GIS, which will give you quick links to state and local GIS data sources (please report broken GIS links to a TN SM)

Parking Lot Areas (PLAs)


Parking lots are a new feature in Waze. Their presence on the map allows the app to recommend nearby parking options to users as they approach their destination. More uses are on the way, so we are actively working to map all parking lots in WME.

Editing Procedure

Please carefully read the current Wazeopedia Page for Parking Lot Places. This guidance is subject to change, so please return to it often. This is an untracked project.

We recommend that PLAs be added as you process the associated places. Clearing Map Problems related to missing PLAs is also a good way to locate areas to edit, but please tackle the places in addition to adding the PLA.

Recommended Resources and Tools:

Rank 3+ Recommended Projects

Places and Parking Lots, reprised

Please refer to the sections General Place Clean-up and Parking Lot Areas (PLAs) above for details . This is listed again under Rank 3+, as you have access to the External Provider Links options and to the standard lock level for most places. Please help lower-rank editors in their efforts to complete places.

Rank 4+ Recommended Projects

Rank 5+ Recommended Projects

Freeway Exit Review


Review of ramp names to ensure consistency with current standards for geometry, location of exit point, and naming to match posted signage.

Editing Procedure

Follow along Freeway routes, checking exit-by-exit. This is an untracked project. Please coordinate with other editors where Freeways leave your editing area.

Check signage wording versus latest StreetView, and verify ramp geometry with both StreetView and Satellite view. Pay close attention to TN-## versus SR-## as used on signage. Check FC maps for secondary route numbers which may need to be added to Freeways and Ramps.