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  • First edits: September, 2010
  • First AM: September, 2010
    • Driving area was small (<2 miles to work), requested and granted area of my town to get started

2011-2013 - Edited and participated in the community via the forums intermittently

  • Returned to editing: November, 2013 (got an email my area would expire and, of course, I would not let that happen...)
    • Connected with HavanaDay, who helped me out and kept me straight
  • State Manager: August, 2014
    • First SM for the South Atlantic Region
  • Rank 5: October, 2014 (first one in SC)
  • Country Manager: March, 2015
    • First CM promoted from SM in South Atlantic Region


  • Set up GHO for SC editors and recruited editors to join
  • Created and maintain the South Carolina page
  • Place Name Harmonization - Part of mod team
  • Discord - Helped set up and maintain SAT and VEOC servers (latter still in development)
  • Helped with setting up webhooks in Discord for various regions and worked with Xanderb to create presentation on doing so
  • Admin on Waze USA, VEOC, and MapRaid Slack servers
  • Betas - Android, iOS, and WME


  • Created WME Form Filler to help with VEOC
    • Also set it up for Illinois closures and want to expand it even more
  • Created Validator localizations for several states
  • Set up auto-invites for Slack workspaces (teams): Waze USA, SCR, SER, and MapRaid


Founding member of VEOC with SC Floods

  • October, 2015 - Coordinated effort to monitor and close roads during massive flooding in SC
  • 2016 - Helped monitor and close roads in WV due to flooding
  • Help with administrative duties (sheet/form maintenance, announcements, directing editors)


  • Formal mentor
  • Participated in mentoring week, 2015, working with bennyhanaa and jwe252


  • ialangford - State Manager and R5
  • jwe252 - State Manager and R5
  • uscwaller - State Manager and R5


  • July, 2015 - Helped plan, coordinate, and execute first SC MapRaid
  • Dallas
  • Rhode Island - Also helped with prep, including creating Validator localization
  • Canada - Ottawa