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Want a cool Waze Post Office Image... Anyone have one? :)

Properly mapping Post Offices is important to routing and for proper search results. When a Wazer searches for "post office", the client performs a "category" search instead of a name based search. Thus, it is important we limit the amount of places we add the Post Office category to. The primary goal of this wiki is to cover what places should be included in the Post Office category. Further refinement of this page will be introduced if a USA standard for naming and type is established.


As indicated in the Places article, and mentioned above, only certain United States Postal Service (USPS) locations should use the Post Office category.

To determine if the location should have the Post Office category or not, please search for the place at with the "refine search" options of Post Offices, Village Post Offices, and Contract Postal Units selected. If the location is in the list returned, then it should have the Post Office category. If it is not in the list, please consult regional or USA Places guidance for the correct category. Find Locations.png

Place point or area

Please follow your regional guidance at this time.

Stop points

The Stop Point (or location of a Point Place) Controls where navigation will lead to. It is highly important that we set this so it leads the user to the most optimal destination point. Details on editing the Stop Point are in the Places article.


Please follow regional guidance for naming at this time.

Lock level

Lock levels vary by state. Please check your state's wiki page (links on left sidebar) for the proper lock level of post offices.