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[url=]Welcome to Waze Editing[/url]! I'm glad to see you editing Waze Maps, we can really use the help! My name is Dan ([url=]Dude495[/url]) I am one of the State Managers for New York.

We would like to see you be part of the community of map editors sharing tips, tricks, and best practices for really making the map work for Wazers.

The best place for this is our [url=]Regional Discord Server[/url]. You can find all of our Regional (NOR) Discords links (including the State and local community channels and more specifically the Boot Camp Channel for beginners to learn basic and advanced editing skills) on the [url=]New York Wazeopedia Page[/url] and you'll get plenty of help there.

Should you wish to edit the map I [b]strongly encourage[/b] you to read through the NY Wazeopedia page listed above on proper technique and standards of practice. Thanks for your help with the map!

Some useful references:

[url=]Rank 1 skill slides[/url]

[url=]Map Editor Interface and Controls[/url]

[url=]Best Practices[/url]

[url=]Common Mistakes[/url]

[url=]Creating and editing road segments[/url]

Should you have any questions I am always available to help out as well as all the other editors in the NY Discord Channels. Thank you for your interest in Waze Map Editing and we hope to hear from you soon!

Dan B.