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Profile for GizmoGuy411 as of 2016-02-15 (aka Gizmoguy411 in Wiki)

  • Wazing since Tue 2010-10-12, 22:14:22
  • Waze Meet-Up attendance as Global Champ:

Jan 2012 North American at Waze US HQ in Palo Alto CA, USA
Aug 2013 Global at Waze HQ in Israel
Mar 2014 North American Meet-Up in Las Vegas NV, USA
Dec 2014 North East USA Regional in NYC, USA
Mar 2015 North American in NYC, USA
Jun 2016 Global at Google/Waze HQ in TelAviv Israel
Apr 2016 North American in New Oreleans LA, USA (planned)
Apr 2016 Great Lakes Region USA in Indianapolis IN, USA (planned)

  • USA Country Manager (x Canadian Manager)
  • Great Lakes Regional Coordinator
  • Area Manager for NW Ohio, SE Michigan and NW Indiana
  • Waze Editing Expert, Rank (Level) 6
  • Mega Wazer*Over 2,500,000 points
  • Mega Mapper*Over 500,000 edits
  • Mega Driver*Over 83,000 miles driven
  • Mega Reporter*(current status unknown)*
  • 100k Edit Club Member; retired
  • 200k Edit Club Member; retired
  • 300k Edit Club Member; retired
  • 400k Edit Club Member; retired
  • 500k Edit Club Member; current
  • All time highest USA Scoreboard Rank: #11 c.Spring 2012 (#2 for Ohio)
  • Current USA Scoreboard Rank: ~#38
  • Current Worldwide Scoreboard Rank: ~#69
  • Current USA Scoreboard Rank: ~#38 (#2 for Ohio)
  • Current WME Editing Rank 6
  • Waze Wiki [1]
  • Test of Text-to-Speech (TTS) Abbreviations in Waze Clients project
  • AMIV project
  • New Glossary Concept project
  • Edification of Jane project

You may contact me via a PM (Private Message) in the Waze forums.


Programs, Tools and Hints for Waze editing and administration

GG411 test page

Iframe Clock Test


Image tests:
2015-04-09 15h48 54.png
Wazeopedia.png This is a test, testing one two three. Text should be to the right of image until wrapping flows past the height of image.