User:Imper1um/Overhaul/User Manual/Waze Client/Tips and Tricks

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  • You can get more information on an event by tapping on it. It can list who submitted it, and you can even talk about it.
  • You can set your mood by tapping the Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Menu Button, then tap the My Waze ((My Waze Button 20px)) button. From this menu, tap Moods, and you can set your mood. Waze Babies cannot set their mood.
  • You can talk to other Wazers by taping on their name and tapping Ping
  • Don't like the route that was given because of traffic? Tap the Template:User:Imper1um/Overhaul/Menu Button, then tap the Routes ((Routes Button 20px)) button. It will give you up to 3 alternate routes to take, including the one you are currently on.
  • You don't need to send a report as soon as you make it. Clicking the Later button saves it to the side so when you have more focus, you can add extra information.
  • Reports with a paperclip have a picture.