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Favorites allow you to save destinations that you use on a daily basis, such as your Home or Work.

Creating a New Favorite

Click and Hold

While on the main map, tap and hold on a single point. A single window will appear. Tapping on the more info ((More Info Button 20px)) button, then tapping the Add ((Add Button 20px)) will give you the opportunity to add the item to your favorites.

Via Search

To create a new Favorite, tap the Menu (HNavBtn.PNG) button, then tap the Navigate ((Navigate Button 20px)) button. Search for a destination and tap the Add ((Add Button 20px)) button.

Deleting a Favorite

To delete a favorite, tap the Menu (HNavBtn.PNG) button, then tap the Favorites ((Favorites Button 20px)) button. In this menu, you can click the More Info ((More Info Button 20px)) button next to any of the favorites, then you can tap the Remove ((Remove Button 20px)) button to remove the favorite from your list.