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[http://bit.ly/1QkbVV2 Slack Invite Link]<br />
[http://bit.ly/1QkbVV2 Slack Invite Link]<br />
[[User:Jm6087/State Manager|SM]]
[http://okdot.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Viewer/index.html?appid=e8fd96f27e7b4cc9814719235eabd37d OK FC Map]<br />
[http://okdot.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Viewer/index.html?appid=e8fd96f27e7b4cc9814719235eabd37d OK FC Map]<br />

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karlcr9911_6 [12:21 PM] The MPs for parking lots is part of a new feature Waze will rollout in the future. The current stand by the Champs to staff was we won’t touch these or add any parking lot areas until the proper UI exists in WME for us to add them properly with all of their attributes that you can associate to a parking lot in the very near future. The new UI should be in WME beta very soon.

If an MP exists pointing out a parking lot should be an area for something that doesn’t need to have a parking lot polygon added, remove it and resolve the MP. Parking lot polygons will start out being added to businesses like convention/event centers, shopping malls, garages, public parking areas, any large parking lot used for general parking - business specific or just general parking, etc. We will focus there first and then work down towards the much smaller lots but we don’t plan to do anything with these until a bit later.