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  • First edits: July 2016
  • First edits in Michigan: August 2016
  • R3 Promotion: November 2016
  • R4 Promotion: May 2017
  • R5 Promotion: January 2018
  • First MI AM granted: December 2016
  • First IL AM granted: December 2016
  • LAM D7 IL: March 2017
  • PLN-GLR Collaboration: Minnesota AM April 2017
  • MAR-GLR Collaboration Liaison: October 2017
  • NWR-GLR Collaboration Liaison: January 2018
  • SM of Illinois: January 2018

Projects: Waze Illinois Media Team Waze Illinois Media Graphic Logo Design: January 2017 Waze Illinois Cafe Committee World Series Game Day closures Activities included monitoring police scanners and submitting closures based on radio chatter Protests in Chicago Activities included were: monitoring police scanners and adding closures based on information fed through the scanners WV MapRaid PhotoShop: Helped organize and edit the WV-MR group photo Minnesota FC Project: Redwood County, Watawon County, Martin County, Faribault County Minnesota HOV/HOT launch group