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Joerodriguez12 Waze Biography


  • Joined Waze August 2015
  • First edits: July 2016
  • First edits in Michigan: August 2016
  • R3 Promotion: November 2016
  • R4 Promotion: May 2017
  • R5 Promotion: January 2018
  • Waze Socks Guy: December 2017
  • First MI AM granted: December 2016
  • First IL AM granted: December 2016
  • LAM D7 IL: March 2017
  • GLR-PLN Collaboration Area: Minnesota AM April 2017
  • GLR-NWR Collaboration Area: I-5 Corridor AM January 2018
  • MAR-GLR Collaboration Liaison: October 2017
  • NWR-GLR Collaboration Liaison: January 2018
  • SM of Illinois: January 2018
  • Waze App Beta Leader: February 2018
  • 2018 GLR Meetup Planning Committee: June 2018
  • Waze and Spothero Beacons & PLA project: September 2018


  • Waze Illinois Media Team
    • Help Manage the Waze Illinois Facebook and Twitter accounts collaboratively with other editors
  • Waze Illinois Cafe Committee
  • World Series Game Day closures
    • Activities included monitoring police scanners and submitting closures based on radio chatter
  • Protests in Chicago
    • Monitor Police scanners during various protests throughout Chicago to provide real-time closure data
  • Minnesota FC Project: Redwood County, Watawon County, Martin County, Faribault County
  • HOV/HOT launch group
    • Assisted the HOV/HOT team in adding various HOV lanes in Minnesota to help set standards for HOV mapping
  • LiveStream WME - Broadcast WME live to any user around the globe, answering questions from other editors and interacting with viewers while editing. Also ran a questionnaire prize stream and made a form for viewers to answer questions and receive Waze swag as prizes. While streaming I would teach different techniques of editing and discuss how other regions differ in certain aspects as well as get input from other editors while streaming. 
  • Subway Project:
    • Work with editors around the country to help map every single subway in the United States. Did a majority of work through the Great Lakes Region
  • Waze Apple Carplay Alpha Tester: Helped test he first stages of Apple Carplay with a select group of users from around the world before the September 2018 release
  • Chicago Beacons Project: Helped CDOT install 450+ beacons around 5 miles of Chicago. Then worked with staff to map each beacon and add it to the Waze database for launch in September 2018
    • Lead my own team of CDOT members to install beacons while Staff was monitoring different sections
    • Helped staff member Gil, 5 days in a row, from 10pm-5am installing beacons with CDOT
  • Chicago PLA Project: Work with a small team at SpotHero, to map every parking lot on the lower level streets correctly, as well as integrate Waze place links into the SpotHero app for direct links to parking garages
    • After finishing Chicago, move onto other cities around the country that SpotHero supports

Meetup Presentations:

  • GLR Meetup October 2018: Chicago Waze Beacons Project
  • PLN & CAN Meetup October 2018: Chicago Waze Beacons Project (Presented along with Staff Member Gil)
  • NOR Meetup November 2018: Chicago Waze Beacons Project
  • MAR Meetup November 2018: Chicago Waze Beacons Project

Meetup Attendance:

  • Michigan Waze Cafe: Grand Rapids November 2016
  • Michigan Waze Cafe: Lansing April 2017
  • Illinois Waze Cafe: Joliet January 2017
  • GLR Meetup Indianapolis: August 2017
  • Wisconsin Waze Cafe: August 2017
  • Michigan Waze Cafe: Frankenmuth November 2017
  • Michigan Waze Cafe: Farmington Hills January 2018
  • NA Champ & Beta Meetup: San Francisco March 2018
  • Michigan Waze Cafe: Grand Rapids March 2018
  • Michigan Waze Cafe: Grand Rapids August 2018
  • GLR Meetup Chicago: October 2018
  • PLN Meetup Minneapolis: October 2018
  • NOR Meetup Morrisville: November 2018
  • MAR Meetup Tysons Corner: November 2018

Map Raid Participation:

  • India February 2017
  • West Virginia March 2017
  • Indiana Spring Cleaning Mini Raids April 2017
  • East Michigan Cleanup Raid
  • Philly MapRaid September 2017
  • Turkey-VAN October 2017
  • Zambia November 2017
  • MapRaid X: November 2017
  • Mapraid Russia: February 2018
  • West Virginia Map Raid 2: April 2018
  • Texas PUR Map Raid: October 2018


  • R3/AM Mentee w/ Kestrel: November 2016
  • R4 Mentee w/ doryphore_6: February 2017- May 2017
  • R5 Mentee w/ doryphore_6: September 2017 - January 2018
  • Tag-team Mentor: mhh60 R3>R4 August 2017 - December 2017
  • Tag-team Mentor: Veritas27 R3>R4 August 2017- January 2018
  • Tag-Team Mentor: Mvan231 R2>R3 December 2017 -
  • Tag-Team Mentor: mhh60 R4>R5 June 2018 -
  • R4 Mentor: Happy_Lyn R3>R4 March 2018 -
  • R3 Mentor: jcipc2004 R2>R3 November 2018 -