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Locking Standard

Once you have correctly filled in as as much information as is available, Places should be locked to a minimum of Level 2.

These areas below are more sensitive + important to Wazers and should be locked higher, reach out to a senior editor if needed for assistance in locking new places.

Lock at Level 3:

  • College / University
  • Courthouse
  • Government
  • Jail / Prison / Correctional Facility
  • Military
  • Parking Lot
  • Train Station

Lock at Level 4:

  • Fire Department
  • Gas station
  • Hospital / Urgent Care
  • Park
  • Police Station

Lock at Level 5:

  • Airport

Special consideration is given to places that are considered sensitive, complex or intricate that may raise their lock level. Consult with a AM, SM, CM, or Champ to determine if a place warrants a higher lock level than outlined above.