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remove all old alley stuff


Alleys are driveable roads passing between or behind buildings and are not intended for thru-traffic. They can be an important component in routing when primary access is not on a local street or drivers start a route from an alley.

An alley should only be mapped if it is a locally accepted parking destination near a residence. It should function only as the starting point or destination of a route.

All alleys should have their road type set to  Parking Lot Road  and should be named "Alley". MN state law for alley speed limit is 10mph unless otherwise posted, and should be set as such.

Alleys are mapped as the likely starting point for many routes. In most areas, it is not legal for thru traffic to use alleys so care should be taken to prevent through traffic routing. The parking lot road type should generally prevent this, but extra steps may need to be taken. Alley-to-alley turn restrictions should typically be restricted so that a person is not routed through several block when the start or end point is on an alley.

In cases where a residential alley connects to a business parking lot, a special setup may be needed to prevent business traffic from being routed through the residential alley. These situations need to be dealt with on a case by case basis. If any assistance is needed to set this up, please seek help of an appropriate manager.

Locking ranks, remove HOV special rule

Buss or cab only lanes: Change to restrictions

To Do list: nuke it

State Managers, update