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*[[User:Kartografer/Routing penalties]] improved info on penalties '''published for USA 2019-06-09'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Routing penalties]] improved info on penalties '''published for USA 2019-06-09'''
*[[User:Kartografer/MEP]] places with multiple entry points, reordered sections, collapsibles '''published for USA 2019-06-10'''
*[[User:Kartografer/MEP]] places with multiple entry points, reordered sections, collapsibles '''published for USA 2019-06-10'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Regional Coordinator]] reordered region list and image map
*[[User:Kartografer/Regional Coordinator]] reordered region list and image map '''published for USA 2019-06-14'''
*[[User:Kartografer/USA Navbox]] reordered navigation box template
*[[User:Kartografer/USA Navbox]] reordered navigation box template '''published for USA 2019-06-14'''
*[[User:Kartografer/Parking lot]] clarification of naming guidance with examples
*[[User:Kartografer/Category]] new template for place category labels '''published for USA 2019-07-03'''
== Projects ==
== Projects ==

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My name is Michael, and I'm a Waze user and map editor based in central Ohio. I currently have rank 5 and serve as a state manager for Ohio, large area manager for central Ohio and area manager for central New Mexico and South Dakota. You can reach me via private message.


  1. First edits 2015-12
  2. R3 2016-06
  3. First AM 2016-08
  4. LAM for Central Ohio 2016-11
  5. US Wiki Master 2017-02
  6. R4 2017-04
  7. Formal mentor 2017-06
  8. SM for Ohio 2017-11
  9. R5 2017-11
  10. Won Beta Battle 2018-10

Wiki contributions


  • Sync and switch of old wiki to US Wazeopedia
  • Detour prevention testing to determine direct route full name and type continuity requirement and detour name and type discontinuity requirements only at the last segment
  • Junction box difficult turns testing and bug reporting
  • Junction box instruction overrides and alternative routes testing and reporting
  • Toll pass and HOV testing and bug reporting
  • Pedestrian path/virtual node testing and bug reporting
  • Regional project on unsafe lane crossing times
  • State of the state and state of the region UR & MP reports, transitioned to UR and PUR stat sheets
  • Subway ad pins
  • Red Lobster ad pins
  • Panera Bread ad pins
  • Presentation planning for GLR meetup 2017
  • CCP contact starting 2017-06 with City of Columbus/Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
  • GEP contact starting 2018-07 with the Ohio State University
  • GEP contact starting 2018-10 with University of Cincinnati
  • CCP contact starting 2019-04 with Ohio Department of Transportation
  • App beta testing with focus on routing (including RBS) and search
  • US wiki update tracking and monthly summary


  • First US Waze Cafe initiated October 2016, held in Columbus, OH, 2017-01-08
  • Second Waze Cafe in Columbus, 2018-02-17
  • Waze Cafe in Harrison, OH 2018-12-01
  • NA Mega Meetup 2019 in Los Angeles, CA 2019-02-08

CCP/GEP meetings

  • Columbus, OH & Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission with TerryPurdue & JustinS83 2017-06-06
  • The Ohio State University with buckeyemondo 2018-07-26 & 2018-09-13
  • CampusParc 2018-08-06
  • University of Cincinnati with RonRover 2018-10-04
  • Ohio Department of Transportation 2019-04-09
  • Dublin, OH with DaveKS14 2019-05-03


  • sandcrawler (formal, R1 to R2, inactive)
  • RainMan3699 (formal, R2 to R3, complete)
  • theKTR101 (formal, R2 to R3, in progress)
  • AProdzilla (informal, R2 help)
  • buckeyeguy857 (informal, AM review help)
  • tonkamedic (formal, R1 to R2, inactive)
  • mchueby (formal, R2 to R3, complete)
  • mmilliron501 (formal along with RonRover, R2 to R3, complete)
  • GuideOnGirl (formal along with Dude495, R1 to R2, in progress)
  • SethSpeedy28 (formal, R2 to R3, complete)
  • mythdraug (R3 to R4, in progress)
  • DaveAciny (informal, AM review help)

Map raid participation

  1. Rhode Island, 2016-03
  2. India, 2016-04
  3. Massachusetts, 2016-04
  4. South Africa, 2016-05
  5. New Hampshire, 2016-07
  6. West Virginia, 2017-01
  7. China, 2017-08
  8. MMR X, 2017-11
  9. Russia, 2018-02


  • Hurricane Matthew 2016 (closure reporting)
  • Louisiana flooding 2017 (closure reporting)
  • Hurricane Harvey 2017 (closure and reopening reporting)
  • Hurricane Irma 2017 (closure and shelter reporting)
  • Wisconsin flooding 2018 (closure creation)
  • Hurricane Florence 2018 (closure reporting)