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Speed Limits

This article is only covering work zone, private road, and parking lot road speed limits. Please refer to Waze standard on using private road and parking lot road to gain a better understanding on their uses. As of this writing, March 6, 2016 there are no standards on adding SL to PLR's, which will be addressed.

Work Zones

Speed limits in work zones generally have a lower posted SL to protect workers and prevent collisions. Montana Department of Transportation or MDT provides a daily update of the states construction projects on its MDT construction and maintenance website, you may also use the MDT interactive map as well. From here you can gather the required information to perform the following guidelines on how to notify a Waze user of an oncoming work zone.

Montana will not post reduced SL on work zone segments. Instead we have chosen to use the [NOTE] feature using Live Map to alert drivers of an oncoming work zone and reduced SL.

Creating the [NOTE]

Gather the required information from MDT to complete your [NOTE]

Report problem.png
  • Find the location on WME and open Live Map
  • "Left Click" on the location to set the [NOTE] report
  • Click on "Report a Problem" link


In the next box that opens up this is where we will use the [NOTE] markup. Always start with [NOTE] before your description.

Include the following:

  • Mile Post Mile Post that construction is to begin and end.
  • Relevant Information Information that is relevant to the closure such as SL, delays to be expected and width restrictions.
Note ur.png

Once you are finished click on the submit button. Go back to WME and you should see your [NOTE] if you have your UR layers turned on and should look something like this. With the note open copy the PL with the chain icon in red on the bottom right hand side of your screen and place the closure in the closure form above for tracking purposes.