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The Waze community has created the following plugins/extensions/addons for use in the Waze web-based environments. See Browser requirements and instructions.

Please be aware that these scripts commonly require updates in order to properly work after new releases of the Waze products. While some may update automatically once their authors make changes, others may require manual updating on your part.

Common Scripts Repository for Developers & End Users

Browser requirements

General installation instructions  

Click Expand for details on general installation info for specific browsers, and the Tampermonkey, and Greasemonkey script managers.
(Chrome / Blink / Opera Next / Firefox / Mozilla / Internet Explorer / Safari)

Map Editor presentation enhancements

Map Editing

You may not be granted edit points for making a large number of edits in a short time (usually only possible using scripts to edit).
See the Map protection page for detailed information.

WME center to begin-end of street  

 Click here to add your script content 


Map validation and routing

WME Chat



This is a bookmarklet for iOS to integrate the Geocaching client with the Waze client for navigation. It has been moved to the Bookmarklets page.

Live Map

Live Map UR Overlay (LMUR)  

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Several very useful bookmarklet scripts have been developed to enhance the WME map editing process. A complete list of available scripts are on the Bookmarklets Wiki page along with instructions on how to add them to your browser.

Adding a new script

To add a new script section to this page please add the {{NewScript|SCRIPT TITLE}} template to this page in the position where you would like the new section to be. After saving the page, expand the new section and click the link to add the script details.

Developing scripts