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=== '''MapRaid Participation''' ===
=== '''MapRaid Participation''' ===
* '''Tennessee''' (September 2016) - [[Wiki page]]
* '''Tennessee''' (September 2016) - [https://wazeopedia.waze.com/wiki/USA/Tennessee/Speed_Limit_Mapraid Wiki page]
* '''West Virginia''' (March 2017) - [[Wiki page]]
* '''West Virginia''' (March 2017) - [https://wazeopedia.waze.com/wiki/USA/West_Virginia/WV_MapRaid Wiki page]
** Management/Planning team, Group assistant. 
** Management/Planning team, Group assistant. 
** Was a key part in a successful raid along with Stephenr1966, Roadtechie, and JasonN899.
** Was a key part in a successful raid along with Stephenr1966, Roadtechie, and JasonN899.
* '''China MMR''' (August 2017) - [[Wiki page]]
* '''China MMR''' (August 2017) - [https://wazeopedia.waze.com/wiki/USA/MegaMapRaid/August2017 Wiki page]
* '''GLR '''(August 2017) - part of 2017 GLR meetup
* '''GLR '''(August 2017) - part of 2017 GLR meetup
* '''Pennsylvania''' (September 2017) - [[Wiki page]]
* '''Pennsylvania''' (September 2017) - [https://wazeopedia.waze.com/wiki/USA/Pennsylvania/Mapraid_Basemap Wiki page]
** R4 Mentor (basemap raid for R1-R3 editors only)
** R4 Mentor (basemap raid for R1-R3 editors only)
* '''Mapraid X''' (November 2017) - [[Wiki page]] [[Forum post]]
* '''Mapraid X''' (November 2017) - [https://wazeopedia.waze.com/wiki/Global/MapRaid/Botswana Wiki page] [https://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1392&t=242863 Forum post]
** Assigned to Botswana team
** Assigned to Botswana team
** Made the [[overall HoF]]
** Made the [https://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1449&t=248635 overall HoF]
* '''Russia '''(February 2018) - [[Wiki page]] [[Forum post]]
* '''Russia '''(February 2018) - [https://wazeopedia.waze.com/wiki/Russia/MMR_page Wiki page] [https://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1392&t=248596 Forum post]
* '''South Carolina''' (April 2018) - upcoming
* '''South Carolina''' (April 2018) - upcoming

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  • First edits: February 2016
  • R2 Promotion: August 2016
  • R3 Promotion: November 2016
  • First AM granted (WV): January 2016
  • R4 Promotion: March 2017
  • LAM NE Ohio: March 2017
  • WME Beta tester: April 2017
  • Android Beta tester: April 2017
  • AM expansion (WV): May 2017
  • Routing Beta Server tester: August 2017
  • State Manger (West Virginia): August 2017
  • Formal Mentor: August 2017
  • R5 Promotion: November 2017
  • MAR MSM: March 2018

Formal Mentoring

  • R4/AM Mentee with JustinS83
  • R5/SM Mentee with Roadtechie
  • Mentor for WazinBruce, R2->[R3/AM goal] - in progress
  • Tag-team mentor for 
    • mhh60, R3->R4 - complete, achieved R4
    • kwrigh01, R4->[SM goal] - in progress
    • Fweewayze94, R2->[R3/AM goal] - in progress
    • bimmer4WDrift, R3->[AM/R4 Goal] - in progress
    • AmericanaStorm, R2->[R3 goal] - cancelled
    • Deafiebugboy1028, R2->[AM goal] - cancelled
    • lilmamachris29, R1->[AM goal] - cancelled
  • Proposed changes and provided updates for outdated information in various mentoring materials

Meetup Attendance

  • Ohio Cafe, January 2017 (Columbus, OH)
  • Mid Atlantic Regional, August 2017 (Washington DC)
  • Great Lakes Regional, August 2017 (Indianapolis, IN)

MapRaid Participation

  • Tennessee (September 2016) - Wiki page
  • West Virginia (March 2017) - Wiki page
    • Management/Planning team, Group assistant. 
    • Was a key part in a successful raid along with Stephenr1966, Roadtechie, and JasonN899.
  • China MMR (August 2017) - Wiki page
  • GLR (August 2017) - part of 2017 GLR meetup
  • Pennsylvania (September 2017) - Wiki page
    • R4 Mentor (basemap raid for R1-R3 editors only)
  • Mapraid X (November 2017) - Wiki page Forum post
  • Russia (February 2018) - Wiki page Forum post
  • South Carolina (April 2018) - upcoming


  • Virtual Emergency Operations Center (VEOC)
    • Hurricane Matthew (October 2016): Actively found and inputted information into the closure sheet, helped bring other editors up to speed when they came to help, encouraged other editors to come to the VEOC to assist, suggested improvements.
    • Hurricane Harvey (August 2017): Actively promoted awareness of the VEOC and  recruited other editors to help.
    • West Virginia flooding (February 2017): Found and entered many closures, organized local resources and help within MAR. Activated the VEOC upon a second flooding event within a week. Helped with transition to VEOC.
  • WV Flooding 
    • July 2017 - widespread WV flooding within my AM, handled myself
    • February 2018 - widespread WV flooding, see VEOC above
    • Working with WV LAM hippocampuslol to collect data from past flooding events to develop a resource for determining areas likely to flood with the intent to have a quicker response time for future flooding events. 
  •  Wazeopedia primary contributions
  • Ohio Turnpike Project
    • Participated in project to map and track large Turnpike projects involving reconfiguring road into crossovers. Resulted in proposing a page for the Wazeopedia on contraflow reconfiguration and collaborating with other editors on ideas they had.
    • The topic of Large Area Mangers (LAMs) had been broached in the past with no results. I formed a consensus with MAR RC/ARC and SMs to create the new position within my first week of becoming SM based on my experience as a GLR LAM. The MAR-LAM role was formally adopted a month later. 
  • West Virginia CCP work
    • Communicate with unofficial CCP in Ohio County (OCSO2, deputy sheriff in Ohio County - has closure access in WME)
    • Feb 2018 - made strides in communicating with WVDOT
      • Responded to many @WVDOT/@WV511 Tweets that Waze had the road closures up to date, promoting the fact that Waze had the closures up to date in the map.
      • Succeeded in getting added to WVDOT mailing list to receive closure reports that include weather related (flooding) closures, planned construction closures, accident/emergency closures, etc.
      • Google group created for WV AM+ and got added to the WVDOT mailing list so others could receive closure reports.
  • Inter-Regional Relationships
    • Primarily active in both GLR and MAR
    • Establish and maintain communications with any region I have driving EA in and follow local guidance when working in those areas.
    • SAT: 
      • SC - Mapped SLs in Hilton Head private areas by BOTG
      • Joined traveling SUBWAY team to complete SUBWAYs in GLR, NER, and NOR
    • NOR: PA/NY - Assist with URs and updating Places where I traveled
    • SER: FL - Minor updates in area I traveled while communicating in Slack. Participated in SER Webinar (September 2017), correctly answering the question at the end.
    • SWR: CO - Set speed limits, fixed basemap, some FC work