User:Ldriveskier/Contraflow Configuration

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Draw a one-way freeway segment for the length of the crossover (no connections) Place it next to and parallel to the lane going the opposite direction, following curves

  • Set appropriate SL
  • Match elevation to segment being mirrored (may need to cut for elevation changes, watch especially around exits and underpasses/overpasses)

At the end of the crossover, merge traffic following entrance ramp geometry guidance.


At beginning of the crossover, connect the segment following exit ramp geometry guidance.


Consider adding wayfinders to match signage or provide guidance. For example,

  • I-80 W only / Thru traffic
  • I-80 W / I-480 / SR-14 / All Exits
  • Note: be sure to remove alt-names to avoid BC
  • Consider that there will likely be a SWL separating lanes before the actual lane crosses over into oncoming lanes.

Note: I prefer to draw the whole thing first, attach the end second, then attach the beginning. If I get pulled away in the middle, I'd rather have a random segment laying around that isn't attached to anything important.