User:Ldriveskier/Contraflow Configuration

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Draw a segment for the length of the crossover (no connections). Place it next to and parallel to the lane going the opposite direction, following curves

  • Set to Freeway
  • Set to one-way
  • Set appropriate speed limit
  • Match elevation to segment being mirrored (may need to cut for elevation changes, watch especially around exits and underpasses/overpasses)

At the end of the crossover, merge traffic following entrance ramp geometry guidance.


At beginning of the crossover, connect the segment following exit ramp geometry guidance.

  • Consider that there will likely be a SWL separating lanes before the actual lane crosses over into oncoming lanes.

Consider adding wayfinders to match signage or provide guidance. For example,

  • I-80 W only / Thru traffic
  • I-80 W / to exit 187 / I-480 / SR-14
  • Note: consider adding "All Exits" if there is more than one exit that is only available from one side
  • Note: be sure to remove alt-names to avoid BC
  • Note: if setting this up as part of a scheduled reconfiguration, make sure the wayfinder for the existing lanes stays as BC until the crossover is active.


Note: I prefer to draw the whole thing first (before even asking for a downlock), attach the end second, then attach the beginning. If I get pulled away in the middle, I'd rather have a random segment laying around that isn't attached to anything important.