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About Me

Name: Matthew Starbuck

Personalized Hardhat
Level 3 Editor

Locality: Williamsburg, Virginia

Area Manager:

  • Town of Crewe, VA
  • Post Falls / Coeur d'Alene, ID

Primary Area: Reupdate Primary Area

  • County of James City,VA
  • County of York,VA
  • City of Williamsburg,VA


  • Soccer Match Official
  • Travel and Sleep Enthusiast
  • Tendency to Break Everything

Most Known For:

  • Successfully saving 698 segment changes in WME simultaneously,
  • Speed Limit Addition Projects,
  • Waze Virginia Google Hangout Monday "Roast Matthew" Sessions,
  • Waze Map Editor Chat Monday Roasts

Map Editing Projects


Scripts and Things

This section left blank for the time being


Breaking Waze Map Editor while adding speed limits to Williamsburg layer.

Most changes saved successfully, at the same time: 698

Number of times broken chat: 8

Largest Permalink Created: 648 characters long

Map Party Photos

Page is being reorganized into an albumized format to save Wiki space.