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About Me

  • I've worked in IT, programming and operations, for over 35 years.
  • Just started using Waze, and loving it. (Thanks Lu)

Areas under management

None yet, but will be applying to manage

  1. The CA SR 4 corridor from Stockton to Pinole.
  2. The Vasco Rd corridor between Brentwood and Livermore.

Management Application

Useful Pages and Links I want to remember

Forums and Topics

Common Responses to URs

Invalid Driving Directions

Hello. Thank you for the report. I am sorry that you encountered an issue. Please help by providing more detail on the map problem you encountered.

To investigate further, we need to know the exact location to which you were navigating. Without a good description of what the problem is, it is often impossible to know why a report was made. If the issue was your destination was at the wrong location, please note that Waze doesn't provide its own location data except for some street addresses; it gets the geocoordinates from third parties such as Google which cannot be fixed via the Waze map editor.

Does the problem also appear in Google maps? If so, you or the management team or owner of the business should update Google (and other search providers). Please see FAQ on the Waze Wiki <> for an explanation of where Waze gets location data and how to fix them.

No Response after requesting additional information

Hello. The next time you drive through here, please send us another report if there is still a problem. Happy wazing!

Route not most direct

It may have seen traffic problems on your normal route. Can you report this again if you see it more than once?