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The role of Local Champ in the United States is an important community asset that requires a level of commitment, leadership and staying informed/engaged in the waze community.


This page will define some of the guidelines that are expected of a Local Champ in the United States, as to the individual champ's current activity status and how that will reflect on the ability and permission rights dependent on status of active/inactive.


The role of a USA Local Champ is hard earned and the title should be retained unless the champ chooses to step down or it has been determined that a champ can no longer serve in the role due to real life experience or determined improper conduct of a champ.

It is necessary to create two separate groups of USA Local Champs to achieve retaining the title and showing accountability of an active status, these two groups will be explained in detail below.

  • USA Local Champ Group (active)
  • USA Local Champ Emeritus Group (inactive)


The guidelines on this page are specific to the United States Local Champs and do not reflect any guidelines or expectations of other country's Local Champs or the Global Champ Group.

Activity Factors

These factors will be used to determine active/inactive status:

  • Date of last wiki edit
  • Date of last forum post
  • Date of last forum visit

Process for Determination of Active/Inactive Status