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Current projects:

  • Gridded review, one square mile at a time, of Clark County, to verify road geometry and connectivity, name, road type, and city. Peripherally adding parks and cemeteries and addressing other obvious deficiencies as found. Adding HNs to new subdivisions found to not already have them.
  • Add new roads/subdivisions as they are brought to my attention at my "real" job.
  • Monitor for and respond to URs in my area.
  • Keep learning. So much to absorb.
  • Try to do no harm, and be gracious in accepting constructive criticism!

Future projects:

  • Verify all parks are mapped
  • Verify all cemeteries are mapped
  • Review/verify compliance with WSDOT Functional Classifications
  • Enable U-turns on major routes where explicitly allowed.
  • Do all of the above for Skamania County.