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Places within places

Some Places exist inside other Places to an extent that including the name of the Place in which the Place is located in the name of the Place which is located in the other Place is warranted.

Generally, there are two different forms of place-within-a-place naming. The first, Place – Larger Place, exists in certain situations where the larger encompassing Place either is little more than a collection of smaller Places or is expected by its nature to contain smaller Places. The second, Place (inside Larger Place), exists where a smaller Place, of a chain or type which is typically or at least often found as a standalone business or building, is found within a larger Place and is accessible only by entering the larger Place.

Place – Larger Place

Area-Point combinations

Wme places mall area with points.png

There are some situations where it will be appropriate to mix both Area and Point Places. For example, shopping centers and shopping malls where the mall itself could be considered a navigation destination, but there are also individual stores which are also valid for being marked.

A simple shopping center, when mapped in this manner, would look like this first image:

Combination naming

When naming Point Places which are contained within an Area Place in this way, it may be desirable to include the Area's name in the separate Point Place names. If this is desirable, name the Point Places with the specific name first, followed by a hyphen, followed by the Area name, as such:

Point Specific Name - Area General Name

For example, "Yulman Stadium - Tulane University" or "Apple Store - Lakeside Shopping Center". There are two exceptions: airport Point Places, and emergency rooms.

Localized naming