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SkiDooGuy can be reached by private message.

Howdy, I am SkiDooGuy, I've been a Canadian and United States Local Champ since May of 2015 and am an Country Manager for Canada, the United States, and Palau. I started editing October 2013 and assisted with the roll out of several major initiatives in the United States such as the switch to using functional classification for our road infrastructure. As a Champ I have from the role of deep technical understanding to one of large scale community management, improvement, and sustainability. I am currently working at looking at how the community interacts with new editors (those at the 1st or 2nd log into the editor) as well as how the roles of AM and CM are presented to the editing community at large. This project will attempt to make the roles appear more attainable to those editors who currently feel as though there is a large expectation of time commitment and community involvement to be an AM. In the current clime of decreased new editor encounters and retention it is very important to ensure our standards reflect not only the high quality they currently do, but also an inclusiveness that ensures new/low ranking editors feel they can have a place in the community while maintaining their real world lives.

Community Roles/Contributions

  • Great Lakes Assistant Regional Coordinator (May 2015 - Sep 2016 and Sep 2018 - current)
    • Reviewed/approved 71+ AM applications for the United States
    • Reviewed/approved 68+ city name change/update/delete requests
  • EN-US Translation Project Coordinator in Transifex
  • Canadian Wazeopedia Administrator/Bureaucrat
  • United States/Canada Local Champ (May 2015)
  • United States/Canada/Palau Country Manager (Feb 2015)
  • United States/Canada Area Manager
  • United States Google Maps Team (No longer an active project)
  • Puerto Rico Map Team
  • Mapped Country of Palau
  • Ongoing testing with Ron (Jackson)
  • Android/iOS Beta Tester
  • WME Beta Tester
  • Editing since October 2013


  • Co-creator of the community based mentoring program
  • Editors I've mentored:
    • Doryphore_6 (SM)
    • Zohar760 (SM)
    • JB15TM (SM)
    • JustinS86 (R5 - now a GC)
    • Falco_sparverius (R5)
    • vaindil (R4 - inactive)
    • trukkurt (R4)


  • WME-CheatCodes
    • Champ-only script which provides several powerful functions to WME with both toolbar and/or shortcut activation
  • WME-Locksmith
    • Dynamic segment locking script which pulls lock info from a spreadsheet and can lock based on State, city, or polygons
  • WME-LaneTools
    • Adds many tools and improvements to both the map and the segment UI in regards to the Lanes feature

Map Raids

  • MapRaid NY (Manhattan Project)
  • MapRaid LA (Team 8)
  • MapRaid Houston (Team 2)
  • MapRaid Canada (Administrator)
  • MapRaid PLNs
  • MapRaid Florida

Meetup Attendance

  • 2014 NOR/NER Regional (New York)
  • 2015 NA Champ (New York)
  • 2016 NA Champ (New Orleans)
  • 2016 GLR Regional (Indianapolis) (Administrator and Narrator/Presenter)
  • 2017 GLR Regional (Indianapolis) (Narrator)
  • 2018 NA Mega Meetup (San Francisco)
  • 2018 GLR Regional (Chicago) (Narrator)
  • 2019 GLR/PLN Regional (St. Louis) (Narrator)

Countries Managed

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Palau

Wiki Contributions/Pages I have worked/created