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(added highlight to actionable Column F in the closure sheet.)
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|-style="background: green; color: black"  
|-style="background: green; color: black"  
| '''NEEDS OPENED''' || '''Needs to be validated and open or extended as needed'''
| '''NEEDS OPENED''' || '''Needs to be validated and open or extended as needed'''
|-style="background: blue; color: black"
|-style="background: blue; color: white"
| '''REPORTED''' || '''Needs to be closed in Waze by editor with access to location'''
| '''REPORTED''' || '''Needs to be closed in Waze by editor with access to location'''

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Waze Catastrophic Event Closure Tracking

Below is the google form and google sheet currently being used to track closures in weather related events. The form is for use by anyone and feeds the closure sheet. The sheet is used by those that can do the closures.

Below is the google form for instant access to the sheet currently being used to track closures for events.

Below is the google sheet currently being used to track closures for events.

Below is a Form Filler Script created by crazycaveman. It saves a lot of time for the people adding them to the sheet. You will need tapermonkey to install.

Google sheet tips, short cuts, etc
  • To change the view and only see a certain condition Click on (Data) then (Filter views) then choose the one you want from the choices on the far right. Using the Filter option instead of the Filter Views will affect everyone's view.

DATA FILTER VIEW FOR SPECIFIC STATE (This will not affect the view of others)

  • You will need to do the following steps
  1. Data->Filter Views -> Closure By State (View)
  2. click the gear icon in Data Filter View
  3. click Duplicate. This should make a copy of the Data View
  4. Change the name of from "Closure By State) to the state(s) you want to see (ie NC Closures) as name<>. This will be in the upper left hand corner above the column letters.
  5. Go to cell I3 and click the filter icon.
  6. Select the state you want to filter. Deselect others as necessary.
  7. This will now create the data filter view for that particular state.


  • This is the Permalink to the closure with the layers stripped out. (Please do not edit anything in this column)


  • Updating the time checked in Column H "LAST CHECKED TIME" is as simple as changing the name (Has to be a name change) in Column G "LAST CHECKED BY" or typing something in Column E (ie I usually just type the number 1). It should automatically update to the current time.


  • Do so sparingly and with a warning to other editors.


  • If for some reason an editor deletes out a row. Please click on the words ROW DELETION to re-execute the DUP SCRIPT. It is located at the top of Column P

COLUMN F "Type" *Highlighted requires action by someone with EA for the closure.*

Type Usage
zOPEN Open in Waze
CLOSED Closed in Waze
NEEDS OPENED Needs to be validated and open or extended as needed
REPORTED Needs to be closed in Waze by editor with access to location
UNLISTED No longer found on source location. Needs closure removed and marked as open
DUPLICATE Segment ID(s) found in other closure Permalink(s)
EXTEND/SHORTEN Closure still in effect just needs date/time adjusted to match new information.
NEEDS OPEN NOT LISTED Closure in WME but not listed on closure sheet.
FUTURE/PLANNED/ENTERED Closed in future in WME, used for Contraflow.
  • If a line has expired and is reopened in real life please change to zOPEN in column F


  • Are not editable as they are derived data. If the closure date/time needs extended please edit the date/time in Column E
Google Sheet Changes Since Harvey
  • Sort order changed, now---- State, Current waze Status, County/Parish/Municipality, then Closure Ending Date/time.
  • Changed OPEN to zOPEN so opens now show up at the bottom of each state since we need to see them less.
  • Added NEEDS OPEN NOT LISTED to form and sheet to support closures in WME not on sheet that need to be opened.
  • Flipped LAST CHECKED BY and LAST CHECKED TIME for better flow.  Now one tab over from status is id instead of date/time then ID.
  • Move old "TIME NEEDS UPDATED" now EXTEND/SHORTEN to be beside NEEDS OPENED for counts
  • Updated Form with "NEEDS OPEN NOT LISTED" as a drop down choice for status
  • The script that checks for duplicates has not been updated thanks to dbsooner and justins83. We now check to see if the new row entered is a duplicate of others. We also can do a check every row against every other row on the sheet check as needed.
  • A lot of behind the scenes script updates by dbsooner to make Expired, Expiring, Duplcate check work better and faster.
  • A real time Stats tab that keeps up with some data. More will be coming out later.
  • If you receive a warning message about cells being protected please do NOT make the change. Ask in the Waze VEOC spreadsheet-issues channel. Someone will review and make changes as needed.