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This is a project to mark all of the public lots that has SpotHero reservations. This will help to clean up the PLAs in the Washington DC metropolitan area - and out to their lots in Annapolis too.

So this will help the users in areas that parking is limited and improve Waze's routing too.

The list. Here is the [DC Parking Lots List].

  1. Select a parking lot
  2. Enter your editor name in column H (this lets others know you are working this PLA
  3. Fill out the information on the PLA to the best of your ability
  4. The 2nd page of the spreadsheet lists websites for the parking vendors
  5. Their websites often have more detailed information about electric vehicle charging, hours, cash only, etc
  6. Save the PLA with the additional information
  7. Save a PL of the parking lot/garage into Column K
  8. Mark it complete in Column I, if not complete leave Column I blank.
  9. Post any comments in Column L, mark the row with a yellow highlighter
  10. Select another PLA and continue with step 1 above.

Upon completion the comments will be reconciled with SpotHero.