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Items for HOV wiki would expect to link High Occupancy Vehicle with HOV, High Occupancy Toll, HOT, Express Lanes. Clean Air Vehicle

High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)





Express Lanes

Clean Air Vehicle

Toll Transponder Companies supported

Nearby HOV Attribute

How to map HOV lane segments

Separated HOV lane

  1. Physically apart from other road
  2. Single or double solid line barrier/cement barrer/floppy stations

Dashed line separation

Entering restrictions

HOV only

HOV lane only part of the day/Open to all rest/part of day/Reversible lane

How to use OR (HOV or toll)

How to use And (HOV and transponder required)

Mapping Toll Plazas

Transponder only

Transponder or cash

Cash only

Transponder 24/7 and cash (part time)

[Note this section might need to move to the toll road section and then be linked here.]