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First Edits: April 1, 2014<br>First AM granted: September 2014<br>LAM SE Wisconsin: 2015-06-01 - Present<br>RTC Ability (pre R4): 2015-07-10<br>First Out-of-State AM granted: 2015-12-06<br>Formal Mentor - December 2015 - Present<br>200k Edits: April 1, 2018<br>300k Edits: April 12, 2019<br>Promotion to State Manager of Minnesota: July 12, 2019
First Edits: April 1, 2014<br>First AM granted: September 2014<br>LAM SE Wisconsin: 2015-06-01 - Present<br>RTC Ability (pre R4): 2015-07-10<br>First Out-of-State AM granted: 2015-12-06<br>Formal Mentor - December 2015 - Present<br>200k Edits: April 1, 2018<br>300k Edits: April 12, 2019<br>Promotion to State Manager of Minnesota: July 04, 2019
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*AM - Duluth
*AM - Duluth
*Statewide Area (2017-11-13)
*Statewide Area (2017-11-13)
*Promotion to State Manager (2019-07-12)
*Promotion to State Manager (2019-07-04)
'''<u>US Northwest Region - Alaska ''(part of CRBC collaboration project)''</u>'''
'''<u>US Northwest Region - Alaska ''(part of CRBC collaboration project)''</u>'''

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First Edits: April 1, 2014
First AM granted: September 2014
LAM SE Wisconsin: 2015-06-01 - Present
RTC Ability (pre R4): 2015-07-10
First Out-of-State AM granted: 2015-12-06
Formal Mentor - December 2015 - Present
200k Edits: April 1, 2018
300k Edits: April 12, 2019
Promotion to State Manager of Minnesota: July 04, 2019


  • Wisconsin Township Renaming Project (Complete)
    • Worked with state managers and other WI LAMs to rename townships within Wisconsin according to boundary lines provided by state GIS resources. This project was created to resolve the issue of duplicate city names in the same state, in order to provide better navigation to drivers.
    • Manually renamed segments and places to conform to new township naming standards in the State of Wisconsin.
  • Summerfest Music Festival
    • Represented the Waze Editing Community by meeting with the operations management on a regular basis.
    • Coordinate temporary road closures, directions changes, and traffic flow alterations with the Summerfest transportation team to effectively minimize poor navigation and incorrect data, and to represent any changes as best as possible within the Waze client app.
  • Green Bay Packers & Milwaukee Brewers
    • Coordinate temporary road closures, direction switches, and traffic flow alterations with the Summerfest transportation team to effectively minimize incorrect data and represent any changes made for the duration of events held on the grounds as best as possible inside the Waze client app.
    • Managed the modification of the Waze map around Miller Park area to reflect traffic flow alterations made.
    • With the MLB becoming a CCP in 2019, closures are now handled on the back-end. We still focus on Lambeau Field for the NFL season.
  • Lakefront Gateway Project (Complete)
    • Maintained direct communication with DOT project planners to ensure map accuracy throughout the duration of the project, as well as reviewed social media updates, email updates, and the project website on a regular basis.
    • Provided crucial Boots On The Ground on a regular basis throughout the duration of the project.
  • WisDOT CCP Partnership & SE Wisconsin DOT Closures
    • Work with Lonewolf147 (WI SM) on ensuring daily, nightly, and long-term closures were added to WME. As part of this project, we receive daily emails from DOT Project Managers and Traffic Coordinators with updates on current and upcoming closures.
    • Work closely with DOT Project Managers to determine when projects allow Emergency Vehicles to travel through road closures and relay the information to local emergency services including fire departments and private ambulance services.
  • Wisconsin Healthcare Place Rehabilitation Project **This project transitioned into a national project with a spreadsheet created and shared by Waze Staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My individual efforts were focus on WI and the PLN region.***
    • With my educational and career background being primarily in healthcare, I wanted to focus on updating all healthcare facilities in the State of Wisconsin. The goal of this project is to ensure all healthcare facilities are mapped properly in Waze according to Wiki guidelines and include correct and up-to-date information for users.
    • First focus of the project was to map every large Hospital inside my LAM of Southeast WI, followed by any other AM and Editable Area in Wisconsin to ensure proper navigation to and within each healthcare campus. This included the addition of numerous parking lots in the surrounding areas.
    • Following the completion of hospitals, all Urgent Care and Walk-In facilities were focused on next, ensuring the operating hours for these facilities were correct and up-to-date. This portion of the project is ongoing.
    • The final phase of the project is to focus on small clinics that do not provide urgent care or walk-in medical services. Facilities are currently updated when they discovered or noticed, however this future phase will focus on seeking out all small clinics that are a part of the local healthcare system.
  • New Development Tracking Sheet
    • Developed a tracking spreadsheet to keep track of new developments and subdivisions currently being built. This initiative was created with the “no man left behind” motto. The goal of this sheet is to ensure that newly developed areas are added to the map once relevant data is available. This includes, but is not limited to, searching out publicly available construction platts and covenants to get street names, as well as obtaining parcel addresses from GIS sources or subdivision management companies.
    • The tracking sheet was initially made for the State of Wisconsin, and a sister sheet was then created for the State of Minnesota. Both tracking sheets are available in their respective State Google Drives and pinned in their respective Discord channels.
    • I worked with numerous local and statewide contractors to add current and future projects to the tracking sheets, as well as curated positive relationships to maintain open communication between the contractors and Waze whenever new projects and developments are planned.
    • Data validation and conditional formatting was added to the tracking sheets, allowing any local editor to add or update the sheet while maintaining consistency of the data.
  • Jane Mispronunciation Tracking Sheet (Completed & Depreciated)
    • Started a Jane Mispronunciation tracking sheet for the Great Lakes Region at the request of GizmoGuy411. This sheet served as a regional collection of words that are mispronounced by the Jane TTS portion of the app, which was regularly given to Waze Staff for pronunciation fixes. This sheet has since been discontinued and is not longer used.
  • Bridge, Overpass, Segmentation, and Elevation (BOSE)
    • Established a new editing standard for the State of Wisconsin in collaboration with my state manager, Lonewolf147, called “Bridge, Overpass, Segmentation, and Elevation (BOSE)”. This was based on the “seagull method” originally developed by the Australian editing community. Modifications were made to follow national and regional standards. The implementation of this editing standard as a regional editing standard for the Great Lakes Region is currently being discussed.
  • Cross Regional Boundary Collaboration Project
    • Current Position Held: PLN Regional Liaison
      • Under the direction of TheChrisK, I perform the duties of a Regional Liaison for the Plains Region. The Cross Regional Boundary Collaboration Project is a national effort to provide editor coverage in areas where there is little or no editor presence. This involves editors from other regions taking up an additional AM area outside of their normal editing region to provide assistance in areas not covered.
    • NWR Collaboration Editor (Alaska)
  • National Railroad Crossing (RRC) Project
    • With the rollout of a master spreadsheet by Waze Staff, railroad crossings were confirmed/deleted/adjusted throughout the nation. My editing efforts were focused on my home state of WI as well as the entire PLN region.
    • Due to the overall size of the master spreadsheet and the number of users attempting to access/edit it at once, there were frequent connection issues preventing users from editing the sheet. I created a separate spreadsheet specific to the Plains Region, reduced the size to only include PLN states, and shared with SMs and AMs to help everyone better keep track of their edits.

Geographical Focus Areas

*Chronological based on date of acquisition.**

Great Lakes Region - Wisconsin (Home State)

  • AM - Sheboygan County
    • Received first pre-R3 RTC ability on 2015-07-10. RTC area was over Sheboygan County down to the middle of Milwaukee County
  • AM - Menomonie & Eau Claire Areas
  • LAM - Southeast Wisconsin
    • RTC ability expanded on 2017-11-11 to cover entire LAM area. Area extension was added to the North and Northwest at the request of GizmoGuy411 to include likely areas of issues on expressways as well as monitoring ongoing freeway construction projects.
  • Promoted to R5 on 2018-04-04.
  • Per request of WI State Leadership, area was expanded on 2017-07-17 to include SW Wisconsin from current LAM border to Minnesota state line.

US Plains Region - Minnesota

  • AM - Twin Cities Rehabilitation Project (2015-12-06)
    • Frequent trips to the area gave me much needed Boots On The Ground. AM area over the Twin Cities was granted so I could clean up URs and PURs, and to get the area back under editor control. The number of active editors in the area has significantly increased since then.
  • AM - Duluth
  • Statewide Area (2017-11-13)
  • Promotion to State Manager (2019-07-04)

US Northwest Region - Alaska (part of CRBC collaboration project)

  • AM - Alaska (Anchorage to Fairbanks) (2019-03-07)

Formal Mentoring

  • tinfoilhatte (R1 -> R3)
    • Now R4 and MN SM
  • Jacob_Rosenfeld (R1 -> R2)

MeetUp & Café Attendance

  • Beta Leaders Meetup - New York, New York (2015-05-15)
  • GLR Meetup - Indianapolis, IN (2016-04-16)
  • WI Waze Cafe - Wisconsin Dells, WI (2017-02-04)
  • GLR Meetup - Indianapolis, IN (2017-08-26)
    • Planning Committee Member
  • WI Waze Cafe - Wisconsin Dells, WI (Multiple)
  • MN Waze Cafe - Minneapolis, MN (2018-07-30)
  • GLR Meetup - Chicago, IL (2018-10-13)
  • PLN Meetup - Minneapolis, MN (2018-10-20)
    • Planning Committee Member
  • NA MegaMeetup 2019 (2019-02-08)
  • GLR-PLN Joint Meetup - St. Louis, MO (2019-10-27)
    • Planning Committee Member

MapRaid Participation

  • Ohio Training MiniMapRaid (2015)
  • GLR Meetup Raid (2016)
  • GLR Meetup Raid (2017)
  • West Virginia Mapraid (2017)
    • Formal Mentor
  • MapRaid Russia (2018)
    • Formal Mentor
  • South Carolina Mapraid (2018)

Other Miscellaneous Community Involvement

  • Beta Leader
  • Beta Tester
    • Android App
    • Waze Map Editor
    • W on Air (iPad)
    • Routing Server
    • AudioSDK
  • Virtual Emergency Operations Center (VEOC)
    • Hurricane Matthew
    • Hurricane Harvey
    • Hurricane Irma
    • US Midwest Snow Storms / Winter Weather Warnings / Emergency Shelters

(Last Edited: 20 April 2020)