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For more details on this topic, see editing restrictions.
This section is currently part of a larger effort to update the restrictions information across the wiki. Contact Kent Smith for more information

There are several types of restrictions. This is an overview of each one.

Editing area
You can only edit objects within your editing area -- this includes segments, junctions, places. This also includes closing map problems and update requests. Your editing area includes the area you gain by driving as well as any managed areas you have been granted as an area manager or map raid participant.
Lock rank
Segments and places can be locked. You can only edit these objects if they have a lock rank less than or equal to your editor rank. You can only set turn arrows if both segments involved have a lock rank less than or equal to your editor rank. Even if a junction has a segment connected to it locked above your editing rank, you can add or remove any segment you can edit at that junction. You can set the lock rank anywhere between 1 and your editor rank on any segment or place you can edit.
Staff place locks
Sometimes, Waze staff lock places, often in preparation for an ad campaign. The effect is as if the place is locked above the rank of all other Waze editors, but the lock is not visible in WME.
Trusted place editor status
Editors below rank 2 and non-registered client users need approval from a rank 2 or higher editor for all places regardless of the lock rank, until they reach a trusted status. After an unpublished number of place approvals, they become trusted editors and their places no longer need approvals. Rank 2 and higher editors never need approval for edits to places locked at or below their rank.
Closure locking
A segment that has a closure cannot be edited (with a few minor exceptions until the closure has been removed from the segment. So if a segment has a lock rank of 1 but a current closure, then it will require an editor with Real Time Closure permission for that segment to alter the closure so that a change can be made to the segment. In the USA, only rank 3 and higher editors can edit closures.

Editors receive permission to add and edit Real time closures (RTC) in two ways.
  1. Rank -- upon achieving minimum RTC rank (3 in the USA), editors can add and edit Real Time Closures on any segment within their editable areas or any segment that is not locked above their rank.
  2. RTC areas -- In addition, editors may be granted RTC areas. Within these areas, editors can add and edit Real Time Closures on any segments, no matter the lock rank.