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whathappened15 (Ed) is currently a Rank 6 USA Local Champ with over 275k map edits, as well as TN SM and SAT MSM. Based in East Tennessee, he focuses his editing primarily within the SAT region, where he works to assist and support developing editors throughout the region, primarily with informal mentoring. His travels occasionally take him north into GLR (primarily Ohio), west into SCR (primarily Mississippi and Arkansas), and south into SER (primarily Georgia), where he assists with completing BOTG requests and correcting other mapping issues and opportunities for improvement observed, in consultation and coordination with local editors. Since his CM promotion, he assists nationwide with closures, editor requests, and other activities.

His interests going forward remain predominantly within the SAT and surrounding regions, improving the app's user experience through better mapping, while working at a national level with PNH, raids, and other special projects.


  • First edits: July, 2016
  • First AM: Morristown, TN - November, 2016
  • Formal Mentoring Completedː February, 2017 (mentored by jwe252)
  • Rank 4ː February, 2017
  • Tennessee SM: October, 2017
  • Rank 5: November, 2017
  • South Atlantic Region MSMː November, 2018
  • USA Country Managerː May, 2019
  • Rank 6ː May, 2020
  • USA Local Champː May, 2020


  • Place Name Harmonization - South Atlantic Region Moderator
  • WMEPH Script Beta Tester
  • Nationwide SUBWAY Project
  • Toll Project - Top Contributor, developed and continue to manage and maintain most toll files in SAT
  • CCP Coordinator for SAT
  • Represents Tennessee in coordination efforts with TDOT
  • Manages MTEs for University of Tennessee Volunteers NCAA and Tennessee Titans NFL football games, in coordination with local authorities.
  • Created and operates the Tennessee Waze Editors' Twitter account, WazeTennessee.
  • TN Functional Classification Update - Led project to review and update all state classified roadways to current published maps. Project continues with review of each annual publication of new maps.
  • Betas - Android Client and WME. Android Beta Leader


  • Nov 2017 - Gatlinburg TN Wildfires
  • 2018 - Hurricane Florence
  • 2018 - Hurricane Michael
  • 2019 - Hurricane Dorian

Meetups & Cafes

  • South Atlantic Meetup 2018 - Hilton Head, SC - Planner
  • Cafe - Knoxville, TN, February 2018 - Organizer
  • North America Mega Meetup 2019, Los Angeles, CA - Participant
  • Cafe - Nashville, TN, February 2019 - Organizer
  • Cafe - Greenville, SC, March 2018 - Participant
  • South Atlantic Meetup 2019 - Nashville, TN - Planner
  • Cafe - Knoxville, TN, February 2020 - Organizer



  • DCLemur - Now State Manager and R5
  • Luke6270 - Now State Manager and R5
  • Other editors as needed or requested.


  • NightReaper_
  • kyhtak
  • NoahKarateKidlol (now XC_Runner18)


  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • Kansas-Missouri
  • Alabama-North Florida
  • Maine