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* Road Direction
* Road Direction
# One Way (penalty?)
# One Way (penalty?)
# Unknown (penalty)
# Unknown (penalty)(are transition penalties to unknown direction roads applied?)
* Lock Status (does not effect routing?)
* Lock Status (does not effect routing?)
* Closures  
* Closures  

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What do we know affects routing?

Speed Data

  • 1)Segment, 2)Turn (not editor controlled expect for defaults)
  • 1)Default (segment based on road type, do default turn delays vary?), 2)Historic (not editor controlled), 3)Realtime (not editor controlled)

Client Navigation Settings

  • Avoid Toll Roads (triggers map based penalties),
  • Avoid Freeways (triggers map based penalties),
  • Avoid Dangerous turns (triggers map based penalties, beta feature),
  • Dirt Roads (triggers map based penalties),
  • Type (fastest is design operation, shortest now neglected with some critical penalties not applied such as time based restrictions),
  • Vehicle Type (triggers restriction penalties)

Segment Properties

  • Road Type
  1. Promotion / Demotion (currently in beta, only effects pruning?)
  2. Default Speed Data (not penalty, effect should disappear on driven road segments)
  3. Pruning Effects (penalty?, applied only in middle of longer routes)
  4. Specific Road Types
         a) Freeway (high penalty applied per segment when Avoid freeway is set in client)
b) Dirt Road/4X4 Trail (penalty applied (per segment?) when avoid Dirt Road set in client, penalty (per segment?) applied when consecutive segments exceed length threshold when avoid long dirt roads set is client)
c) Private Road and Parking Lot Road (significant penalty applied when transitioning to different road type)
d) Non-Drivable types (should not be used to route)
  • Segment Restrictions
  1. By time (penalty?, not applied to shortest routes?)
  2. By vehicle type (in conjunction with Vehicle Type in client setting)
  • Road Properties
  1. Toll Road (per segment penalty applied when with Avoid Toll Road is set)
  • Road Direction
  1. One Way (penalty?)
  2. Unknown (penalty)(are transition penalties to unknown direction roads applied?)
  • Lock Status (does not effect routing?)
  • Closures
  1. From Client (applied upon reaching trusted reporting threshould, penalty?)
  2. From Editor (penalty?)
  • Turn Restrictions
  1. Default turn data (what effects default turn data?)
  2. Hard/Soft (hard restrictions not used for routing, soft penalty?)
  3. Dangerous turns (beta, variable based on route?)
  4. By Time (penalty?, not applied to shortest routes?)
  5. By vehicle type (penalty? applied based on Vehicle Type set in client)
  • Road Configurations
  1. U-turn detection/prevention (minor penalty)
  2. Big Detour Prevention (small penalty)
  3. Small Detour Prevention (minor penalty)
  • Junction Box (beta, not currently working, ???)

Type of Route Generation

  • Original route (basic default penalties)
  • Recalulated route (??? do all penalties e.g. detour prevention apply?)
  • Add a stop route (any penalty differences compared to original route?)
  • Client generated route (What penalties are applied?)
  • (Live Map route)
  • Long v Short routes (long and short routes seem to be handled differently, what differences are there other than pruning effects?)